2021   Debagu   C-8B5665-5     Fl, Ni, O:2121                   332       Na     A9IV

Chlorine makes up a significant proportion of Debagu's atmosphere, making the mining of its crystal rich crust dangerous at best, and nearly impossible with the technological backslide since Debagu's conquest by Shizapooma in 1080. A dying world, Debagu's citizens evacuate on any visiting ship whenever possible, though with the current blockade by Shizapooma, and the wholesale diversion of all goods and products to its occupier's homeworld, visiting ships are few and far in between.

Since 'occupation day', the population of Debagu has been cut in half, with the greatest single loss, most notably, occuring in 1087, when a local uprising led to Shizapooman reprisals that compromised the protective outer layers of the city Desoltu, killing over a million citizens over the course of a three weeks. Self sealing compartmentalized sections of the city would hold the atmosphere at bay, but the primary disaster relief responders were killed in the initial attack, and neighboring cities were hampered by a Shizapooman military crackdown and prevented from helping. News reports of the slow corrosion of each seal played out again and again while the horrified populace watched helplessly until final survivors of the initial attack at last fell silent. Numerous holocrystals of the disaster exist despite military attempts to destroy them, but few have made it off planet, and even fewer have reached anyone who either believes the horrific events, or is a position to act upon them.

The current attitude of Shizapooma toward its conquered world is changing only slightly and very slowly as Debagu's population, and therefore its ability to produce cheap industrial crystals, dwindles, and the noble families most benefitting from Debagu's exploitation are starting to put pressure on their peers to invest back into the dying planet to save it, even as more pressure is put on the locals to make up for the growing shortfalls. Terrorist activity, while common in the first decade after occupation, has dwindled as the hope for any real change among the locals has died. Many believe that things may get better in time if they prove themselves 'good citizens' in the eyes of their occupiers, though only minot and individual benefits have ever resulted from such cooperation.