Ridralla Class Trader





The Ridralla has a 500 ton hull, and is typically built to Jump 2, for escaping from the Kormorant cluster, and/or leap-frogging barren systems not worth stopping off at. Maneuver drives are fit to 2-Gee specs, primarly to overcome higher gravity planetary landing on more the backwater worlds of Foreven lacking a high port.

Similar to the A2 Far Trader are loading doors to fore, starboard and aft, extra staterooms and lowberths, making it, while not the most of efficient of tradeships, more capable of coping with the constantly shifting nature of trade and politics within Foreven. While Tlebria Corp doesn't openly participate in illegal activities, their ships are quite popular with smugglers, pirates and star mercs as transports for their performance, durability loading versatility, and size. Crew requirements for a ship its size are reduced considerably by its high quality Model 7 computer, holographic linked controls and heads up holodisplays. The Ridralla's computer backups, however, are somewhat reduced in capacity (Model 5's) to compensate, necessitating shutting down all but the most vital of systems if/when the primary computer is damaged or is otherwise disengaged.

Though unarmed, the Ridralla has a 48F Superdense hull (High Guard factor 2 armor), helping it shrug off predators hopefully long enough to engage jump drive, refuel, or call up help. The ship carries 2 enclosed Air Rafts for crew excursions, but deployment is only through one of the cargo doors, and a clear route through the cargo must be cleared first. Captains have been known to block their small craft, squeezing in another 20 displacement tons or so of cargo containers. The floor in these areas has the requisite locking mechanisms to allow for this, though it isn't recommended.

Variant - Krisatletz Trader Escort/Drop Assault Ship





Bult along the same specs as its sister ship, the Krisatletz is much more heavily armed, necessitating a larger power plant and additional crew, at the cost of cargo space. Typically the Krisatletz is armed with 2 triple missile turrets organized into 1 battery each(2x Factor 3), 1 triple pulse laser turret in one battery (1x Factor 3) and 2 triple sandcaster batteries, hardmounted aft (2x Factor 4), all bearing.

Other major changes include upgraded and hardened computers (3x 7fib), additional crew and passenger berthing (Room for 23 marines and their equipment, plus 'second shift' 50% additional crew), and emergency low berths. Its reduced cargo hold is usually given to 1 to 2 AFV's in addition to the Air Rafts, though these are often removed when the Krisatletz is deployed as space escort (up to 1 Kisatletz per 2 Ridralla when convoys are warranted). Rarely advertized is the open secret of the Krisatletz's EM Masking modifications, most often used to confuse potential pirates as to which class the ship actually is.

The Krisatletz is even more sought after by star mercs, pirates, and the like, for obvious reasons, but Tliebra makes a point of not selling this variant on the open market. Even so, a few Ridrallas have been retrofitted by unscrupulous shipyards to approximate this ship.