2121   Shizapooma   B-530530-B      De, Ni, Po                   201   Z    Zc     M1V, M0D

Originally settled by disaffected noble families fleeing a governmental coup of their homeworld in Corridor during the early 200's, Shizapooma has come to embrace the ways of the Zhodani people in fashion, if not in principle. Unforutnately local noble interpretation of the practices and balances of Zhodani Culture leaves much to be desired. proving the Imperial case by presenting the worst form of corruption psionics. As a result, numerous immigrations away from the 'mother world' have been made over the centuries, mostly settling on other worlds in the Bava Star Cluster.

While not populous, Shizapooma is powerful, maintaining a sizeable navy of Jump-2 light cruisers and small escorts, as well as a respectable trade fleet. Though it tries to maintian cordial relations with Kunitsa and Robebi, Shizapooma focuses the majority of its attention on dominating and exploiting the Bava Star Cluster for its own prosperity at the extreme expense of those living there.

The Zhodani, while maintaining a naval base in system, have been growing colder toward the local authorities of late, but as the government in power is vocally anti-Imperial in sentiment, orders from the sector Cosul have been to allow the current situation to continue without undue interference.

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