Skiltaire Timeline




Zhodani survey Kunitsa and Laska


Zhodani colonize Kunitsa. Skiltaire observe the newcomers but don’t expose themselves as sentient until deforestation and pollution become concerns.


Zhodani settlers ask for, and are granted Client State status.


First contact between Skiltaire and Zhodani.


Bredj Liatlets, a native Zhodani noble makes the Skiltaire connection. Two other ‘reservation worlds’ within the Consulate are determined to be home to primitive Skiltaire cultures. In one such case, the Skiltaire of Praj Atl Praj weren’t even recognized as sentient. Archeologists flock to the three worlds to ascertain whether they hold ancient sites, believing the Skiltaire to be a transplanted species, like most of Humaniti. To date no Ancients presence has been discovered. (Zhodani local TL-9, Skiltaire local TL-6)


Kunitsa City founded. KUITS formed.


Kunitsa City- 100,000 Skiltaire of over 100 different tribes. 3,000 Zhodani.


Organically braided diamond fiber successfully mass produced on Kiaklets, a Zhodani research station in system, with Skiltaire assistance.


Zhodani assist Skiltaire Diaspora ‘Behind the Claw’, providing transport to ‘ready to go’ Skiltaire adventurers/colonists on Zhodani merchants and military ships traveling in Beyond, Far Frontiers, Foreven, Trojan Reaches, and Vanguard Reaches sectors. Though this spawned more than 100 colonies, most colonies number less than 100 individuals and many fail. Many more become minority populations on worlds that would later become dominated by Aslan and various Human populations. Of the few that succeed, less than 1 in 10 retain native tech levels higher than 3.


First contact between the IISS and a Skiltaire ship. Despite increasing friction between the Consulate and the growing 3rd Imperium, the Skiltaire and scouts make excellent impressions on each other. (Zhodani and Skiltaire technology merge at TL 11)


Construction on the Kunitsa City Space Elevator begun.


Space Elevator completed.


First Frontier War. KUITS remains officially neutral, though Kunitsa becomes a strategic system for wide ranging Zhodani picket fleets, as well as covert ops fleets heading rimward. No Imperial ships visit Kunitsa system during the entirety of the war.


Space Elevator closed in preparation for the Space Tree project.


First Frontier War ends. Imperium ousted from Foreven Sector.


Zhodani Naval Way Station constructed on Kunitsa’s moon, Laska.


Second Frontier War. KUITS remains officially neutral as before


Second Frontier War ends.


First Skiltaire to visit Capital, ‘Blue Neon’ is a guest of Empress Arbellatra. While there, Blue Neon is given IISS records of two Skiltaire populations in Gateway and Crucis Margin sectors previously thought to be ‘new’ races. Postulation of Skiltaire manipulation by the Ancients is forwarded as the only explanation why so many Skiltaire ‘homeworlds’ would exist, though no ancient sites are uncovered on the Skiltaire worlds. Both worlds have large human populations, and the Skiltaire there remain shy and fairly primitive.


Kunitsa’s Space Tree (Which is also Kunitsa’s first Type A starport) completed. Continued improvements and construction within and around its trunk continues to this day.


KUITS requests a revocation of Kunitsa’s ‘client state’ status with the Consulate. The request is highly publicized throughout Foreven and the Spinward Marches and before the end of the year the request is grudgingly granted. Formal ties and treaties reinforce a cordial relationship between the two states. Some Zhodani nobles become worried that the Imperium has somehow manipulated their Skiltaire allies, while others, less concerned simply note that, with the difference in Skiltaire and Zhodani cultures and psychology, the split is more a sign of ‘racial maturity’ than rebellion.


Treaties consign portions of Laska to Consulate territory in perpetuity via a lease paid to KUITS.


‘Night Biter’ becomes the first of twelve Skiltaire to volunteer to travel with the Zhodani on a core expedition (7th). Rumors are that the 6th expedition discovered at least one more sentient race that might be Skiltaire and only now are the correlations finally catching up in the Consulate’s data bases.


Crisis of ’99 and beginning of the Psionic Suppressions Era in the Imperium. Thankfully knowledge of Skiltaire psionics isn’t nearly as publicized and widespread as that of the Zhodani. Many refugees flee across the Imperial border and into Foreven over the next several decades. While most settle in the Avalar Consulate, several thousand do find their way to Kunitsa and mingle with the Zhodani population there, influencing the world’s human culture further.


Third Frontier War. For the first time in the Frontier Wars, individual Skiltaire aide Zhodani agents operating in the sector. Though KUITS remains as neutral as usual, several Skiltaire ‘adventurers’ are included in covert operations. Because none of these operations ever enter the Spinward Marches, the Imperium takes little notice. Intelligence branches on Fessor and Hollis do note this trend with increased worry – at least until its discovered that the Imperial Navy was also using Skiltaire agents to gather information on the Avalars.


Third Frontier War ends.


Fourth Frontier War. KUITS neutral. Other than occasional Zhodani task forces resupplying or jumping through, the war little affects Kunitsa.


Fourth Frontier War ends. Kunitsa begins construction of the first jump capable warships over 1000 tons, as well as a small number of ‘advanced’ armed diplomatic vessels.. Kunitsa City begins a program to push the world’s industrial base to TL 13 within 2-3 decades.


KUITS considers for the first time including nearby worlds and governments into its organization and plans are made to explore and create diplomatic ties with all unaligned worlds within 6 parsecs of Kunitsa. Several member tribes are opposed to the idea, but an agreement is made to gather extensive intelligence over the next 4 years before reviewing proposals of forming a completely neutral interstellar state with Kunitsa at its center.


Current Year.