2017   Sturray   C-7A9215-A     Fl, Lo, Ni                   200       Na     M1II

The atmospheric conditions on Sturray make what would normally be a hospitable climate a frequent hazard and a danger to unprotected equipment. The relatively dense atmosphere is predominantly Nitrogen, which combines with the local ogygen to form nitric acid rainfall. Other compounds hazardous to human life are also present in the general makeup of the atmosphere, but generally don't cause complications unless breathed for several minutes.

At present SuSAG maintains a small trading base here as well as a tiny psi-drug distillery using some of the more frequently encountered compounds filtered from the lower, warmer regions of the planet's atmosphere via corossive resistant unmanned balloon stations. The generally low tech level of Sturray only reflects the manufacturing capabilities using local equipment, and doesn't take the psi-drugs themselves into account, nor the equipment regularly shiped to replace that which is destroyed by the atmosphere.

Though small compared to some SuSAG installations, the megacorp protects Sturray with a handful of armed escorts and several dozen batteries of automated missile satelites. Visitors are encouraged to buy goods, load, and leave, while the customs facilities of Sturray are all geared toward the expedition of this process, with few questions asked.