1618   Tlebria   A-889614-D     Ni                          825  X    Zc     G9V, M8D

Tlebria is owned and ruled by the Tlebria Company, specializing in logging, sea harvesting and some small electronics and ship manufacture. A few resort hotels are just now starting to go up on scenic island beaches as traffic from the Avalars has become profitable enough to support such ventures.

A warm, wet world, with a hospitable star, Tlebria was explored in -989 Imperial by Prisht Tlebria, a Zhodani noble wishing to create an indepent, neutral mecca for trade in the heart of Foreven. However, financial shortfalls and an initial lack of Zhodani interest in the worlds beyond Consulate borders left the company, and the newly founded colony, to stagnate. As the colony's finances foundered, the decision was made to stay by both settlers and the corporation at the cost of regular interstellar contact. Eighteen hundred years later, Tlebria had advanced enough to build a reputable starport, but still failed to draw in customers. Instead it ventured out into the Kormorant Main servicing the other struggling colonies close by.

Though this helped with Tlebria's economy, it was nothing compared to the boom of trade desperately sought by each successive board of directors. In 1002, Tlebria elected to join the Consulate in all but name, building a courier maintenance and refit station before being accepted as a Zhodani client state, finally bringing in the trade boost it had been seeking.

Tlebrians are mostly Zhodani in genetic background, and follow many of the same cultural traditions, though they've done away with the concept of the Tvarchedl in an attempt to attract a wider variety of trade. The Imperial Megacorporation, Tukera Lines, maintains a small trade base here, though liner and merchant runs are still fairly rare, arriving only once every two months or so.

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