1620   Yanagh   C-236545-7     Ni                   910       Na     K2V

The Democracy of Yanagh forms a collection of underground settlements on this forbidding little planet. Though Yanagh has native life and a hospitable star, its atmosphere is too thin for humans to breathe unaided, and seasonal meteorite showers are deadly enough to curtail most surface undertakings. Yamagh's native life, despite the thin atmosphere, is very rich and varied due to the combination of low UV protection and periodic heavy meteor showers. Fossil records bear out several mass extinctions, however, usually coinciding with the largest meteor strikes in the planet's geological history.

Yenagh's population is primarily of Solomani/Vilani descent though they remain friendly with their Zhodani neighbors. Small scale heavy metals and cultured pearl trade keeps Yanagh visited by free traders, though the volume produced is usually too small to attract major corporations.

As of 1095 Yamagh's ssystem defense consisted of two barely functioning Corellian Corvettes (imported from The Beyond sector) and a single squadron of refurbished light fighters purchased from Tlebria. Three trade vessels, all variants of the Garu A2 Far Trader, call Yanagh home; The Oddball, The Old Nag, and the Salty Scuppers.