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Friendly Institutions

Fountain Alliance
Jericho Fraction


Kaimon Zhal
Neurotic Cat


Curse Alliance (CA) - Including but not limited to: RUS, Omega Corp, VOTF, Ota Corp, Burn Eden.
    For repeatedly attacking Band of Builders ships in CFS controlled space. For repeated attempts to undermine FIX public opinion in the interstellar forums. For repeated attempts of sabotage against our stations and mining operations. For aggregious behavior on the field of combat. For acts of piracy and war against our friends and allies. Note, while CA is dead and gone, we remain wary of organizations that once held membership in this organization. Many ex-CA corporations continue to be hostile toward our corp and alliance.

Band of Brothers (BoB coalition)
    For acts of piracy, open beligerance, and general nastiness. Good opponents, but bad for business. Currently includes, but is not limited to, BNC, m0o, Roughnecks, and RKK corporations. Former members include Evolution and ATUK

Arcane Technologies (ATUK)
   For ongoing acts of piracy, sabotage, propaganda, war, and general beligerance toward Band of Builders and its friends and allies.