Production Capabilities
(Subject to change - This list is only a guideline and by no means represents BoB's full capabilities)
(BoB members reserve the right to refuse business to anyone, be they individual, corp, or alliance)


Shuttles - All

Amarr - Executioner, Tormentor, Crucifier, Inquisitor, Punisher
Caldari - Bantam, Condor, Heron, Griffin, Kestrel
Gallente - Navitas, Atron, Incursis, Maulus, Tristan
Minmatar - Burst, Slasher Probe, Breacher, Vigil, Rifter

Amarr - Badger
Caldari - Badger I, Badger I
Gallente - Iteron I, Iteron III
Minmatar - Wreathe, Mammoth

Destroyers - All

Caldari - Osprey, Blackbird
Gallente - Exqueror, Vexor
Minmatar - Scythe, Stabber, Rupture

Tech II
Due to the limited access, availability of special components, and overall nature of Tech II equipment, all of our Tech II production will be by private agreement. We can produce the following items as special orders. BYOM deals welcome.

Energized Magnetic Membrane II
Energized Thermal Membrane II
Kinetic Deflection Amplifier II
Small Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Transporter II

100mn Afterburner II

Micro Plasma Smartbomb II
Megapulse Laser II
Tachyon Beam Laser II
125mm Autocannon II
150mm Autocannon II


We can make for sale or special order all Tech I projectile and hybrid ammunition, as well as launcher munitions up to and including Cruise Missiles. Anaconda and Python mines are also available via special order.

Final prices negotiable depending on past history and material requirements for the goods, with delivery ranges from 5% to 100% markup depending on distance and hazard of delivery destinations.

At present time we do not make Torpedoes for sale.

We can make for sale or special order all Tech I scout, medium, and heavy drones, as well as basic mining drones.

Mining Equipment
We make Miner I's and Miner II's.

Manufactured Weaponry

Blasters Light Electron Blaster I, Light Ion Blaster I, Light Neutron Blaster I, Heavy Electron Blaster I, Heavy Ion Blaster I
Rails 75mm Gatling Rail I, 125mm Railgun I, 150mm Railgun I, Dual 150mm Railgun I, 250mm Railgun I, 350mm Railgun I, 425mm Railgun I
Beam Lasers Dual Light Beam Laser I, Medium Beam Laser I, Quad Light Beam Laser I, Mega Beam Laser I, Tachyon I
Pulse Lasers
Gatling Pulse Laser I, Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Medium Pulse Laser I, Focussed Medium Pulse Laser I, Heavy Pulse Laser I, Mega Pulse Laser I, Tachyon I
Autocannon 125mm Gatling Autocannon I, 150mm Light Autocannon I, 200mm Autocannon I, Dual 180mm Autocannon I, 220mm Vulcan Autocannon I, Dual 650mm Autocannon I
Artillery 250mm Artillery Cannon, 280mm Howitzer Artillery
Launchers Rocket, Standard, Assault, Cruise and Siege

Weapon Enhancements
We make Gyrostabilizer I, Heat Sink I, Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

Sensors and Electronics
We make a wide variety of electronics and sensors both for industrial and military use, as well as Basic Coprocessor and Coprocessor I's. Webbers, Sensor Boosters, Scramblers and Jammers are also within our capabilities. Contact Mrissa Easeah for specifics.

We make 1mn, 10mn, and 100mn outputs of both Afterburners and Micro Warp Drives. In addition we make Overdrive I's, Basic Nanofiber, and Nanofiber I's, Basic Inertial Stabilizers and Warp Core Stabilizers.

Defensive Systems
We make a wide variety of shield boosters (C/S/M/L), shield amplifiers (gold/passive), standard and energized armor plating, and armor hardeners.

Power Systems
We make Micro Aux Power Cores, all sizes of Capacitor Batteries, Power Cap Relays and Fluxcoils, Capacitor Boosters, RCU and PDU I's. We also make small and medium Nosferatu's.