Other Services and Considerations

Procurement Capabilities
In addition to what we make, we stockpile a fair amount of what we salvage from pirate suppression activities, melting only basic and some standard out of hand. We generally don't make available fourth tier 'named' items, but we do auction off 5th tier or 'faction components, and very often retain tier I 'named' items that can be used by corp members in a pinch, but are also available for negotiated sales. If one of our procurement fields can provide a rare item you might want, feel free to reserve order a named item with either Mrissa Easeah, Dominik, or EagleHawk RockClimber, taking into account the luck of the draw.

Currently, the majority of our named materials are:

Chrystals - Due to the large number of crystals we bring back from our hunting trips, we no longer manufacture these items, except by pre-agreed upon order.

Power Modules - For the area we operate in, these seem to be fairly popular among the pirates we fight. Named Cap rechargers, PDU's, Batteries, Boosters, - we recover lots of these items.

Lasers - mostly Small, Mid, Light, and Heavy with the odd Mega dropping.

Projectile Weapons - Mostly size S and M named modules.

Blasters - Specializing in Small Electron, Ion and Neutron, with the odd named heavy blaster falling

At this time, BoB isn't primarily geared for mass acquisition of minerals. Availability is driven heavily by flux, boredom with mining, accidental windfalls of hitting pirate mining operations, etc. Most minerals won in this manner are kept in house for production purposes. Some 'spot sales' of rare minerals may occur, where a corp member gets ahold a few thousand Megacyte or Zydrine and will want to pad their personal wallets via a quick sale.

Tech II Components
At present we aren't actively selling Tech II components, as we are stockpiling toward our own eventual use. Tools, (RAM/Research Databases) on the other hand may be negotiated, depending on market demand, but going for no less than 2x mineral refine value.

Depending on our need and supply, we may be interested in trading Amarr or Caldari components away to acquire Gallente or Minmatar components.

Contact Mrissa Easeah for offers or specifics.

Blueprint Copies
For single and multiple run BPC's of Missiles, Ammunition, Indies, Frigates, and our Tech II items Contact Mrissa Easeah or Morgana Ellyres.

Custom Loadout Ship Supply
Arrangements can be made for specifically kitted frigates, industrials or cruisers to be supplied at Doussivitte on a regular weekly basis, ready for service, made in trade window. Depending on demand, limitations will likely be up 2 cruisers per week, up to 5 indies per week, and up 10 frigates per week per customer. Special arrangements can alter these numbers upwards for trusted clients that wish this kind of regular business transaction.

Each agreed upon design will be given a name to distinguish its fitting setup, and every ship will be initially named (Ticker)-(Fitting code)-(Production Run Number), and production orders for that corporation would be given a week's notice.

Example 1

A Band of Builders custom loadout might be an Incursis designed for formation flight, close up NPC and PvP fighting. Call it an 'Assault Cobra' Incursis. The corp wants 5 a week at the negotiated price of 375k each, or 1,875,000 per week for 5 prefitted ships.

All 'Assault Cobras' would thereafter have consistent loadouts

High: 3x Ion Blasters, loaded with Antimatter
Mid: 1x Small Shield Booster, 1x Webber, 1x 1mn MWD
Low: 1x Micro Aux Power Core, 1x Magnetic Field Stabilizer.

Drone Bay: 1 Hammerhead Drone
Cargo: 2000 rounds Antimatter, 500 rounds Iron

The first 5 ships might be named sequentially BOB-AC-01 through BOB-AC-05 upon receipt, after which the client may change designations as he feels. This is merely to keep a record of business transactions and track our customer's needs over time.

Example 2

A "Mining Consortium" (fictitious corp), might want a journeyman's hauler for its new corp members. Based on the Badger I, it's a fairly simple 'bare bones' hauler with some travel legs. Call it a 'Brock' Badger I. The corp wants 2 a week at a negotiated price of 400k each, or 800k per week for 2 prefitted ships

All 'Brocks' would have would thereafter have consistent loadouts

Badger I
High: 1x 125mm Railgun I with Antimatter
Mid: 2x 10mn AB's, Small Shield Booster, Small Shield Extender
Low: 4x Basic Cargo Expanders

The ships from the fourth such transaction might be named MIC-BR-07 and MIC-BR-08.