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This page is to give new players in my Campaign on Tapestries a general idea of what they've stumbled into, as well as provide a useful reference for existing players who wish to contribute to the 'canon' events which take place in and around Sutekh's palace.

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ca. -50,000

Sutekh, a 'Dimen' or Dimensional (traveller), is banished from the world of Grond, and settles in the Cathedral worlds of Sociopolitical Space, creating, and then toppling several early spacefaring civilizations in the Sahao Nebula. After enemies use planet killing weapons on worlds loyal to Sutekh, he flees to Earth.

ca. -42,000

Sutekh makes his way to Terra and settles in the Fertile Crescent region, and ends up in fierce competition with other dimensional travellers claiming to be 'Gods'. Sutekh follows suit to compete, eventually assuming his 'Majestic' form for the first time. Millenia later, his legacy will be remembered as that of the Egyptian god Set.

ca. -37,000

Sutekh in driven out of pre-historic Egypt by the gods Anubis and Soebek and, in desperation, tears a gate into the galactic-sized world disc dubbed 'The Abyss'. Sutekh's Library established, and palatial construction commences in the state-cave of Khorashtial. Slaves and allies form a nascent empire as Sutekh attempts to form a 'Perfect Society'. Offspring become nobility, and loyal converts become civilians in the growing Empire.

ca. -35,000

Sutekh's realm extends back, through invasion gates, into the Milky Way Galaxy. Over the next few centuries, almost a billion inhabited worlds across approxmately 3% of the galaxy are conquered, colonized, or otherwise integrated into the growing realm. In contrast, explorations into the Abyss only reach a lightyear in 3 dimensions by this point, with strange, sometimes alien, worldcaves discovered which have their own mystical ecosystems, heating and light sources. Some of these caves, like Gondaseive, form small 'island' or even 'continent' sized worlds.

Hel botches an attempt to summon Sutekh and is corrupted to become his slave and lieutenant. Later revelations show that Hel is actually Sutekh's cuckholded daughter. About this time, Sutekh experiments with using female and hermaphrodite forms to corrupt new lifeforms. Serious miscalculation in linking phsycial and spiritual sides of her psyche creates incredible submissive pleasures in her new mindset.

ca. -30,000

The first Lust War, a political shadow war involving sexual one-upsmanship, manipulation, and dominance broke out in Sutekh's Palace. Although the courtierLing_Khan, and the sorceror Josh nearly undermined imperial rule, Sutekh's lieutenant, Hel, managed to restore order eventually and return Sutekh to her throne.

A side effect of the original Lust War was a trebling of the capitol's population, swelling its economic and military power in short order. Numerous new worlds and civilizations were conquered and added to the empire, including the Bashai, a race of Red Panda like sentients who resisted tenaciously with advanced magics and technology. The war against the Bashai was in fact so costly that once she had conquered their homeworld, Sutekh made their upper class her empire's most populace slave race. Red Pandas were stripped of their prior culture, memories of glory, and forbidden forever to breed with anyone not of their own species. To be born a Red Panda in Sutekh's realm is to be born into eternal slavery.

About this time, a major galactic empire Taltrai attacked the fringes of Sutekh's galactic holdings. Though few clues remain as to the Taltraian race's original nature, a few hints have been passed on by Sutekh to her scribe, Wyre. From the very outset, the Taltrai were anathema to Sutekh's magic, nullifying it simply by their very presence. They were a devout atheistic race, relying on extremely high technology to battle Sutekh's forces, inflicting horrific losses and spreading a 'blind spot' to all divination magics across the galaxy. Eventually, however, attrition wore the Taltrai down and world after world fell, and as their empire shrank, magic once more flowed through their arm of the galaxy. The capitol world, upon being given the option of parley for surrender, refused and attempted to destroy the last Taltraian's with a worldbuster weapon. Sutekh, however, anticipating this, managed one masterpiece magics, horrific and powerful. The result was a merging and amalgamation of all the souls of the Taltraians as their world died, into the massive energy and magic source known now as the Soulstar.

The Soulstar not only lights and heats the capitol of the abyss, but also serves as a source of magic, allowing all living beneath it to become agelessly immortal if they so choose. Strange sexual rituals, performed beneath the Soulstar are sometimes enacted, punishing unredeemable prisoners by merging their lifeforces with the Soulstar at the moment of their orgasm.

ca. -29,000

At the height of the second Lust War, the Scaranth, a race of insectoid, psychically hive-minded, demons invaded Sutekh's realm, converting servants, warriors, citizens alike into breeding stock for their invasion. Sutekh herself was converted into an egg-laying queen, trapped within her own palace, helpless but to serve, lost in the lust of endless breeding and birthing, day in and day out. Though her forces fought valliantly, her empire, both in the Abyss and in the Milky Way eventually fell to the spread of the Scaranth corruption. Only Sutekh's rune-guarded library was proof, in all the years that followed, against the Scaranth.

ca. -21,000

The Sons of Light, a holy order of foxlike beings originating on the outer edges of the spiral arms of the Milky Way burn away the Scaranth to the very last creature, destroying Sutekh's Scaranth Queen body in the process. The Overlord, apparently a 'King' caste of the Scaranth forces the remaining members of the Sons to use their own lifeforce to seal the Iron Door within Sutekh's ancient palace, though this prevents the Scaranth from returning to either the Abyss or the Milky Way without a specific psychic key, hidden within the Palace.


The half fox, half wolf Sorceror, Josh, retrieves Sutekh's dormant soulgem from the ashes beneath her throne and reconstitutes her to a new female body, a horet bereft of its soul. Josh then leaves, mysteriously, without explaining his motivations or destination. Weak, weary, but burning with a newfound desire for life and the -enjoyment- thereof, Sutekh declares the rebirth of her Empire, and reconstitutes many of the souls of her original court using a combination of necromancy and shaping magics. Hel, Orb, Twan, Atti, and many others return to life, bereft of all memories after the initial Scaranth invasion.


The first Time Gates are established using the Soulstar, linking Tapestries of the past to the present Court of Sutekh, enabling a sharing of magic and knowledge with the past, (as well as a nice deus ex machina to keep timelines concurent with when this all started.) Extreme caution is taken to prevent any Scaranth of the past from being able to surive travel through these gates.


The Epidemic, forshadowing harder times ahead, ends up with over 50 million females pregnant with litters in Sutekh's capitol alone.

Present Year.


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