Art Gallery

(All art by William Ringland)


Sutekh (Anuboid, hermaphrodite)


Sutekh (Golden horet form, female)


Sutekh (Golden horet form, male)


Sutekh as Scaranth Queen, and Scaranth Ambassador


Hel, Sutekh's Lieutenant


Breeding Slaves - Thrym, Kashtar


Xerxes, Renegade General of Gondaseive.


Baron Istalil, Sutekh's Vizier


Outkast, General of the Armies


Wyre, Court Scribe


Scaranth, Castes Left to Right- Infiltrator, Succubus, Honeypot.

Moar, Citizen of Khorashtial


Mirrevandle, Fallen Cervidal

Alts and Art by others


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