Khorastial The Golden

Khorastial is presently the capitol city and center of Sutekh's realm within the Abyss. Although teeming with life, Khorastial's rocky history and constantly changing styles have left a maze of wild regions, slums, and abandoned column citystates within its boundaries.

At present, the population of the city is incredibly dense in certain areas, and extends well beneath the floors and above the ceilings of the main cavern, making it the medieval equivalent of an arcology with a total population of 103,000,000 immortal souls.



Gondaseive is presented here merely as an example of the many wild cavern-worlds scattered through the stone of the Abyss throughout Sutekh's realm. Think of it as having a 'lost world' atmosphere for roleplaying, with remnants of ancient civilizations, primitive saurian natives, and ruins left by the first expansion of Sutekh's realm.


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