While hardly set in stone, the hierarchy within Sutekh's court is generally adhered to in matters involving domination and submission ... at least in public. Competition between the ranking members of court is looked upon favorably, as long as it doesn't devolve into dangerous or uncouth behavior, and may be actively encouraged by Sutekh depending on her mood.

The following is hardly a complete listing of major players in the Abyssal RP, and ranking and status are subject to change within said RP. A few prominent NPC's are listed as well, to serve as background information or springboards for storylines.


Her Royal Majesty, Sutekh - Empress (f)

Lady Hel - Lieutenant, Chief of Security (f)

Razhal - General of the Armies (m)

Mordor - Vizier (m)

Baron Istalil - Vizier (m) (ABSENT)

Outkast - General of the Armies (m) (On Campaign)

Lady Wyre - Scribe of the Court (f) (Missing)

Fieras - Pet Hellhound (m)

Sumatrae - Chamberlain (m)

Ling_Khan - Seneschal (h)

Fatima - Draconic Palace Guard (f, NPC)

Thrym - Breeding Slave (h)

Noah - Genetic Donor (m)

Brolly - Breeding Slave (f)

Orb - Breeding Slave (f)

Noah - Breeding Slave (m)

Rici - Breeding Slave (m)

Darksphire - Breeding Slave (f)

Twan - Breeding Slave (f)

Princess Kashtar - Prisoner/Breeding Slave (f)

Atti - Red Panda Slave (f,NPC)

Jaede - Corrupted Scaranth Infiltrator (m,NPC)


Other characters not Members of Court

Duke Samedi - Lord of the City of Brass (m) - Rival Daemon Lord (Efrit)

McCullough - Dreamer/Interloper

Moar - Escaped Citizen/Criminal of Khorashtial (f, NPC)

Gigan - Elder Dragon/Interloper

Ataxis - Star Farer/Interloper

Charlene - Dreamer

The Cheetah Brothers (5) - Rapscallion entrepreneurs, owners of a fence and magic shoppe

Overmind - Scaranth King (m) - Locked away behind the doors of the Harem Pools

Revashta Siivs - Duke of Altiana (m, NPC, deceased)

Xerxes - Parasaur General of Gondaseive (m, NPC)



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