The Interloper - (Sutekh (jackal demoness), Twan (Foxtaur), Samedi (ifrit), 12/00)

You unlock and unbar the Iron Door, and travel down a passageway into honey scented darkness.

The Scaranth Honeycomb Cathedral

The room you in which find yourself, well, isn't exactly a room. Vertigo inducing heights reach up overhead in bilious green and yellow giant honeycomb columns. Clouds, indeed, an entire weather system opens up overhead, spreading for miles in front of the base of a massive stone spiral staircase. The 'Cathedral' is roughly a mile wide, though, as the walls just beyond the columns on either side of you do show dimly in the strange bioluminescence of this place.

The honeycomb structures, the source of the light, practically squirm before your eyes before you are able to make out millions of workers covering large swaths of the surfaces, scarabs the size of small oxcarts, buzzing and going about their business, feeding the grubs, sealing and unsealing slaves, food, and eggs waiting to hatch. Occasionally several flying emissaries, smaller 'Ambassador caste' Scaranth stream in through giant side tunnels, carrying the insectoid empire's messages and seed from the genetic pools of neighboring 'Cathedrals' with which to inseminate the local queens.

The floor, however, leads one to feel a touch at risk, as it is covered with workers, drones, this hive's own ambassadors, and far, far in the distance, the throne at the center of the 'court' for the queen. Easily visible even from this great distance, her monstrous body is about 90% abdomen, constantly rippling with the furnaces and machinery of reproduction. Slaves attend her, taking each egg, laid every few seconds, even as the ambassadors form a long queue, waiting patiently to pump their sperm into her dorsal cloaca. Her forward torso, however, seems strangely canine, as if she originally started as one of Sutekh's own daughters, and faintly, in the distance, she seems to be writhing with sheer pleasure as a much smaller canid morph climbs up through the swarming mass to mate her ventral sex between the taur like arrangement of front limbs.

Catching one's gaze a brief moment later is a much closer mound rising out of the sea of busy beetles. This one seems to have its own attendants, but whether or not its intended for another queen, or a princess, at this distance its not readily clear.
[ Obvious Exits: Vertigo-Stairway ]

Look Sutekh

Sutekh stands before you a tall, gracefully thin horet of apparently high breeding. She flutters her kohl lined eyes, glittering black pools regarding you, and runs her silky pink jackaltongue over her teeth with an amused grin.

She is dressed in a pleated wraparound skirt of pale green damask that shimmers brilliantly with even the slightest motion of her legs or hips. Her upper torso, as is the style in Nem, is left uncovered, revealing her pert, modestly sized breasts, each nipple erect enough to expose the dark little caps through the softness of her cream colored breastfur. Overall, her jackal markings are typical, with the silveryblack saddle along her back with lighter colored fur along her chin, neckruff, breasts, tummy and insides of her limbs, but elsewhere, her fur is more ruddy colored than most jackals.

She wears little else in the way of accessories; just a single necklace with a falcon of lapiz and gold who's wings wrap backward around her neck, and a scarab ring of turqoise with a polished onyx band.

She wags her tail softly where it hangs behind her, breaking her return gaze as if she knows enough from you to satisfy her ... for now.

Scarab encrusted sceptre
Golden Collar

Sutekh wanders from chamber to chamber making her way unseen by the hordes of her making ... unholy alliances turned into her own essence mélange, her blood and power starting to wend its way through the alien Scaranth, and nearly completely hers with these newer colonies, much closer to the grand staircase that leads back through the gate to her own realm. *pant* <<Its been a good, very good season this galactic turn. *chuckle* A third queen added, nicely enough ... Someone to replace Orb when I wish to play with her in another form ... perhaps ... perhaps not for a century or two. I do so hope Josh is either impressed or ... ignores the whole region entirely *giggle*>>

Samedi steps from the shadows, a ring of flames closing behind him, looking about...

Samedi takes a deep breath and calls out, his voice carrying despite the vastness of this space... "Where is the master of this place? I will have words..."

Sutekh stops short, at the edge of the final cathedral's north entrance, blinking at you, ears pinning back ... "I ... you ... ?" She stops, straightens herself upright, tail lowering, "-I- am master here, if you please? Your words had better be few and short, stranger, and unless you ask a boon of me, I'm afraid I'll have to dispatch you in short order, monsieur Zippo!"

Samedi ruffles a little but remains calm... he crosses to speak with you. "One of my servants has gone missing... and I have tracked her mark to this place. A young lady of Red Panda descent."

Samedi almost whispers "I can feel her close."

Sutekh nods softly, flashing a dangerous grin, "She was left ... 'out' unfortunately. Her world ravished, and her soul given unto me ... Unfortunately she was raped by one of my descent just before being presented to -my- master. She would have died if I hadn't kept her spirit in a bottle. Nonetheless, she's beyond any contract you and she might have had now ... " Sutekh grins, waving a paw ... "Her psyche will remain unaltered for a while perhaps, but in a century, even a decade, it won't be anything like the pet you knew ... Its ... much, much too late. She's already ... " Sutekh checks her internal clock briefly ... "Mother of twenty seven ... oh, twenty eight, half mine, half by assorted ... well ... " she waves out toward the queue ... "-them- .. "

Samedi growls, annoyed... "I see..." he murmurs, eyes flaring. "However.. her contract had not yet expired..."

Samedi almost whispers "Indeed, as long as her spirit remains, she should by rights be mine."

Sutekh ear-flicks, shrugging, "If you already paid -her- in full ... its not anything to me. Though, if you wish, perhaps some sort of compensation might be arranged. Later. I'm a very busy woman right now, so if you'll excuse me ... " She begins to murmur softly as the wax beneath your feet raises, like a sudden rash, in the form of a pentagram ... "Ta ... "

Samedi growls as his step forward brings him against the wall you construct...

Samedi's body bursts into flame, though the pentagram restrains him directly, the heat instantly causes the wax to melt and run, destroying the pattern... "You have stolen from me. You have no right to dismiss another Prince so."
Samedi advances, his fur seeming to be made of fire, flickering and ripples of heat.

Sutekh shakes her head, clucking her tongue in her muzzle, "You were careless with your toys and didn't pick up! If I hadn't saved her, she'd be ash now, regardless ... I have -every- right, this being my -SOVEREIGN- realm!" And with that, she begins another, simpler spell, opening a gate from one of the harem pools upstairs ... channeling the water with a pair of pointed fingers, to jet against your burning form ... "And please, no smoking, it disturbs the queens!"

Samedi flickers, moving like the flame he is... oddly his words lack anger, just annoyance. "This posturing wastes our energies... Deal with me and I shall leave. Refuse and you leave me no choice but to invoke challenge."

Sutekh shakes her head, chuckling, "I haven't time for this ... then, Eal-rautha-Ftayaggin, Suirleawn-" invoking something new, something weaving threads from the creation of time itself into it ... Very quickly, as she mutters the words, practiced but yet new to her tongue, she backpedals away from you, wagging her tail madly in anticipation ... fire to fox ... should prove interesting if it works. Devastating if it doesn't.

Samedi tries to pass through the threads but they catch him like a net... he mutters curses as his body is reshaped, shrinking... "Yerf?"

Samedi struggles, his small form trapped in your spell, his clothing falling into the soft meltwax below...

Sutekh mrrrfs ... pleased, and suddenly a bit non-plussed at the same time. "Here, now ... it worked! Really ... I wondered if my magic would amount to anything in a real confrontation and it did. Kind of anti climactic though. Here, fire-thing, what do I do with you now? Feed you to the scouts-race? Put you in the menagerie as a curiosity? Perhaps ... " Sutekh hmms softly, waving a paw in your direction as a melted wave of wax suddenly washes toward you, thick and nasty, hot and sticky ... "Have to keep you from becoming food for -them- first before I decide ... "

Samedi is helpless, trapped.. he struggles as long as he can...

Samedi yerfs and barks, struggling.

Sutekh kneels, giggling a little, reaching softly out ... "Ansfarnareum, Tranthis ... " the wax slowly subsides, cleanly leaving your fur exposed, though all four paws are embedded in the hardening wax. Carefully, she reaches to pluck you up, carving a hemisphere of wax out from beneath you with a cleaving spell ... "Uhhn ... heavy lug, aren't you? Oh ... and how does it feel to be mortal? I know, I know, you're still efrit inside, but that fades with time as you forget of course ... "

Samedi tries to snap at you, pulling at the wax ineffectually.

Sutekh lugs you toward the stairs, stops at the base, looking up, then back at you ... "Unngh ... nasty todd, bad todd! You won't get anywhere in this place with -that- attitude ... " She sets you down, wobbly a little upon the curvy base, giggling ... then reaches for your tail and gives a slight tug, whirling you in a slow arc like a top ...

Samedi hunkers down, growling...

Samedi spins, keeping low to the piece of wax, tucking his tail against his body.

Twan fades into existance next to Sutekh.

Sutekh myrrrs softly, reaching to stop the spin as she giggles at the odd sight ... "Don't get sick now ... it'd be a little hard to hide us from the Scaranth, little todd. " Sutekh beams across at Twan, playing with Samedi.

Samedi yerfs and growls, his feet stuck thouroughly... if he wasn't so pissed he'd die of embarassment.

Sutekh chuckles, beckoning Twan over ... "An efrit ... or once was, before the shaping spell. Said something about my last broodqueen -belonging- to him ... Was going to have a 'word' with me about it, refused to be banished from a sovereign realm, and ended up a toy instead ... I'm trying to decide what to do with him now"

Samedi finally stops spinning... he sniffs the air, looking at Twan, still hunkered down on the surface of the wax.

Twan mrrrs? She glances over at Sutekh, looking about at the creatures milling about, intend and purpose alive. She slowly wanders over, curious, cautiously looking about, gaze finally settling on Sutekh and her prize.

Sutekh beams softly, then brightens, "Twan? I think I have an idea ... c'mere, pet ... "

Samedi grows quiet, looking around warily...

Sutekh stands and leaves Samedi rocking slowly to a standstill, whispering something to her latest acquisition. Sutekh smiles and licks gently, "I would like, if you would be so kind, to kneel before the todd, helpless as he is, and 'tease' him a little ... If he gets excited, then perhaps we'll do something about it, eh?" Sutekh glances back at the todd-toy behind her, then wanders back to settle just behind his tail, cross legged, paw reaching to gently rake claws down his spine ... "Perhaps I'll make good on helping you 'forget' being an all powerful fire elemental a bit sooner than expected, Samedi ... It -is- ... or -was- Samedi, wasn't it? I've have a mind to name you 'Toddle' now *giggle*"

Samedi yerfs, his tail and ass hiking reflexively...

Twan blushes a little and shivers. She looks at Sutekh, then to the todd. She looks back and asks quietly, "H-how?" She does walk over towards the trapped vulpine, looking uncertain a moment.

This small, somewhat playful furry pads around quietly, hardly making a sound. She looks back and forth, sometimes concealing herself, sometimes not. Her attention wavers slightly as she notices your gaze and you manage to get a good look at her form. She is a fox, a vixen to be precise. Standing just under 5 feet tall, her tail sticking out about 1.5 feet behind her. She looks very small and delicate compared to most vixen. Covering her body is a rich, velvety coating of fur, soft and orange over her head, arms, legs, and tail. The tip of her tail is tufted in white fur, and her hands and feet are covered in black fur. Rich, full, light brown hair cascades down from her head, with her ears sticking up out, partially obscured. Her hair rests, about shoulder length, just long enough to touch her upper back.

She wears nothing on her body anymore, her soft orange and white fur plainly visible to your eyes. She has much the same colorations of a normal vixen, though her humanoid form alters things a little. White fur lines her tummy and gently covers the curve of her breasts, her pert nipples barely visible within her chestfur. Down along her body further, her body becomes a little more slender and curves with her hips, her tummyfur thinning just a little as it melds into her groin. As she moves, you can occasionally see her sex, carefully concealed, but not too well, as it is still visible to your eyes. Her tail swishes out behind her and she blushes softly, embarrassed at her unclothed state, dispite her fur's work in concealing her more sensitive parts.
Silverlace Collar

Samedi scents the air again and licks his lips.

Sutekh smiles, lifting a paw where Samedi can't see, and twirls a finger in the air, nodding knowingly to Twan ... then pointing down, gesturing ... "Paws and knees of course ... like a good little vixen ... Well, plenty big for this one ... " Sutekh giggles, stroking now, softly again, and reaches beneath Samedi's trapped legs, gently brushing featherlight along the base of his sheath and sac ... "Oh ... nice foxsie, anticipating already?"

Samedi yerfs and barks, Sutekh's hand finding him already partially erect.

Sutekh nodnods, "But back up, nice and slow ... make him reach for you before he can lick you."

Samedi whines a little...

Sutekh smiles and gently reaches around under Samedi's side, cupping the warm puppywand in her paw, sliding gently down to his base with just the gentlest of pressures ... "Ohh ... Oh, does the puppyslave think he's going to have vixen and jackal bitch tonight? Maybe, maybe ... we'll see ... "

Twan o-ohs softly and looks back towards the other fox. She shivers a little at the posture that she's instructed to take, but nonetheless, she slowly walks over and settles onto her knees before the todd. Glancing to Sutekh, she blushes a bit more before turning about and settling down onto her paws, too. She shivers, her tail flicking, closing her eyes as she half knowingly swishes her tail, glimpses of her vixen flesh visible.

Samedi sniffs, the scent in the air, the touches, instinct calling him... he whimpers and starts to move his hips, thrusting the bright pink foxcock against Sutekh's exploring hand.

Samedi yerfs, lookign at the sweet vixencunny displayed so... he can smell it... he wants it so bad...

Sutekh holds tighter, then releases gently ... "Now-now, don't spill all your seed at once, toddfox .. " she giggles, releasing the rod to the cool air, and gently reaches beneath her own skirt, spreading her legs forward as she leans back, moaning softly ... paw moving hidden now, but returning, glistening and honey covered as she reaches the paw to just before Samedi's muzzle ... within reach of his face ... "Just to let you know who else is here ... who owns you, puppyfox ... "

Twan shivers and glances back over her shoulder to the fox and the horet, tail flicking a bit more in nervousness. She wriggles and squirms her way back JUST outside the fox's reach, just like she was told. She fidgets a little, and flicks her tail again, head slowly drifting forwards, glancing down at her feet a moment.

Samedi sniffs and laps at the cunnyjuices, whimpering, pulling at the wax... a few drips of pre gathering on the surface below... cleaned he starts to sniff at Twan's sex, his tongue reaching for her, managing just the barest of laps before she shies further away... his eyes dart about, then he turns to attack the wax holding his feet with his teeth.

Sutekh grrs softly, sliding her cuntsoaked paw back around the heated toddcock as she jerks him a couple times quickly to get his attention ... "Back up a little Twan ... he's getting a touch ... restlesss ... *giggle* "

Twan shivers and gasps a little as she feels the todd behind her, trying to lick, sniffing, his breath washing her from time to time. She glances back to Sutekh, bowing her head just a touch. She scoots backwards, just a little, tail flicking a touch more in nervousness. She's in range, now. To what reception will this gift be accepted.

Samedi yerfs, immediatly starting to thrust at the slick fingers, whimpering as they are withdrawn, his balls swollen and on the edge of pain... as Twan back in closer he pushes the tip of his muzzle between the vixen's folds, yerfing and barking muffled by her sex... he starts to lick and pant, hot breath and hotter tongue lapping at the sweet and heady nectar, tongue finally finding her entrance, lapping hungrily...

Sutekh strokes Samedi's kitt-wand softly as he licks his intended bitch, other paw stroking down his spine a little ... and though enthralled by the scene, the smiling, enjoying herself immensely, the 'itch' beneath her own skirt is getting nigh dangerous to ignore .. her ears flush, her breath quickening slightly. Doing her own 'quality control' on the royal jelly used to create the broodqueens does have its consequences ...

Twan shivers and trembles, a little as she glances back enough to see just how ruffled up the todd is. Blushing quite a bit, her momentary flush is overtaken by the fox's quick 'attack' of her flesh. SHe gasps and whimpers, arching her head up and clenching her eyes, whimpering. Swallowing, her tail lashes, now batting against the side of Samedi's head, his hungry lapping sending shudders through her, the itch within starting to take it's hold on her.

Samedi's hips thrust at evry touch, his tiny form stronger than you might expect... you know what he would do if you released him, his brain swimming in a sea of sex, of rut... he withdraws his tongue from Twan and licks his lips, whimpering and pulling at the binding wax...

Sutekh myyrrs softly and leans forward on a whim as she releases the clasp on her skirt, sauntering on paws and knees to brush alongside Twan, like a second, willing, needy vixen, holding her own bitch's ruby heat exposed and molten for the toddfox ... "Yes ... that's it, Samedi, look at all the lovely cunt, just out of reach .. all the willing, pleading females unable to receive your seed, your grasping forelegs, your puppies ... Its rutting season, -heat- season and you're trapped ... Poor Poor puppytoy!"

Twan shivers and whimpers a little, lifting her head and glancing back as the todd pauses in his attack of her flesh. Her heat aroused, suddenly, nervousness seems secondary to the growing ache within. Glancing to Sutekh, she shivers, looking back, whimpering a little. She, too, now wants, but without Sutekh's permission or direction, that want burns unchecked.

Samedi shudders... there is a long how and you hear something... there is a crack as the wax breaks into a few large chunks... he leaps at Sutekh, his body suddenly much much bigger... a fox out-massing a dire wolf that leaps upon the jackal's back... with a single motion he thrusts that massive cock into her, his powerful legs gripping her waist.

Twan shivers and yelps a little, stepping forwards as she hears the cracking wax, the lunge and the howl. She glances over, blinking, only after a moment realizing that this small todd has finally freed himself, and to whom does he mount first. Anyone but her. She whimpers a little, looking over, and up at the todd, squirming a bit, as if to encourage and remind him of her own want and need.

Sutekh yrrowwls? Shrieking, trying to bark out a spell, only to have the spear of pleasure, fright, horror plunge into her throat, killing the magic before it can start, her wanton walls gripping the invading flesh tightly as he slides over her back, reeling at the sudden warmth that courses through her, the pleasure ... "N'No!!" the need filling her cunt, her body as his forearms hook around her waist, holding her tightly, paws pressing up against her abdomen as she reels with pleasure, disoriented, tail hiking in quick flurries against the vulpin's side! *SPASM-spasm-spasm!* her heat burning suddenly, stronger, needier! Royal jelly slickening her cunt as she begins to change scent slightly .. a wondrous sugary, honeyed, cinnamon mélange mixed with her wanton heat!

Samedi's body is so primed, so needy as he impales Sutekh upon the angry red shaft, so hot and rock hard, bursts of heated pre already sporting into her as the huge swelling of his knot batters against her sex... taking from Sutekh what she sought to deny, giving so much more than she expected as he reams her.

Twan shivers and mrrrrfs, watching the pair mount and the large fox driving into his 'vixen'. She shivers, whimpering a little, not wanting to be totally left out. Crouching onto her belly, she scoots beneath Sutekh, pressing her head between the horet's hind legs, sniffing up at the activity there. Debatingly, she watches to see if she can't entice the fox somehow.

Sutekh moans low, giving, giving this monster -more- of herself, clutching rippling bitchwalls around his slick toddpole so tightly, releasing with another rush of pleasure, jackalette cream flooding, washing into his knot as she wails, panting, nearly losing her sentience ... Her paws knead against the wax below as she suddenly spasms deeper, her cunnylips slickening around the knot even as it grows larger, *spasm-SPASM-spasm!* her body releasing its eggs, not two at a time, but ten at a time ... five from each cradle of eggs in her conditioned body!

Samedi rapes his new bitch, his toddcock forcing it's way past her gates, the sharp bony tip spreading her cervix as he uses his powerful body to force his know, already the size of a softball into the horet's sopping folds, driving harder, his claws scratching aty her upper thighs as that massive spear violates the darkest secrets of her body.

Sutekh moans, lowering herself over Twan's body, clumsily, but reveling in her heat, her fall as she moans, rumbles, growls at the intensity of her fall, the fires within her leaping, meeting the occasion of the toddfox's masculine conquests over her as she begins to milk his flesh, stroking the painfully tight knot, shuddering, undulating around his churning shaft as her cervix is skewered, her body "Yelp!Yip-Whine!!" shaking with another series of terribly seductive orgasms, releasing ten, -twenty- more eggs at once!! "N'nnhhgg!! Nhhggrrrr!!!"

Samedi continues his rapid assault, knot trapped inside Sutekh, his knot swelling, actually distending part of her abdomen.... as he sinally still, yarfing as his own body spasms and cums, the first thick streams washing into her, lock within by his cantaloupe sized knot...

Samedi stands up, his hind legs resting just above Sutekh hips, pinning her down as he barks in triumph, in conquest.

Twan shivers and mmfs, squirming a little as Sutekh lowers herself upon her, pinning her. A slight struggle, and the vixen settles. She watches Samedi's huge cock swell, driving into the horet, and locking. She whimpers a little, and licks and laps a little at the joined pair, licking up some of Sutekh's juices, trying to focus on the todd's shaft.

Sutekh jerks and stills, whimpering as Samedi's turgid flesh pulses, the knot sealing, holding her tight, claiming her as -his- bitch as the hot foxspunk tosses into her womb, over and over again, streamer after burning streamer of wondrous pleasure, cooling her inner fires only enough to give her a sense of shame ridden ecstasy ... "Ohhhh!!! *pantpant* Ohhhh!!!" thanking him against her will and better judgment, nursing every pulsing wash of sperm obediently, more receptive than any vixen has a right to be!

Samedi whispers, "You can feel each stream as it travels the length of his cock, a little swelling shooting along his length, the muscle of his shaft twitching inside you, his huge knot throbbing with the beating of his powerful heart... you feel more... you took the huge will of the fire prince... and channeled it into a fox... channeled by your taunting into a drive to mate... an undeniable force that doubtless makes you release dozens upon dozens more." to you.

Samedi rocks slowly, whining now, his balls contracting visibly as his body continues to spasm, the horet's already distended belly tightening, like one who has eaten a meal far too large... or bitten off more than she intended...

Sutekh shudders constantly now, subdued, ovulating now as her breath, her body becomes paced to the insanely wondrous, endless pleasure ... a few thousand in less than a minute as she moans ... and yet, yet, shows no sign of slowing ... feeding his lusts, her own as seems to be quickly becoming her purpose ... lost ... so lost in the sea of pleasure ... "Ohhhnnnn ... Ohhhrrroowwlll!!! *SPASM-spasm-spasm!*

Twan shivers and whimpers a little, watching the pair quietly. She licks a little more, teasing at the horet's spread folds, nuzzling and licking against the todd's soaked sac. She pouts a little, watching, and nuzzling from time to time, winding up wetting her muzzle with the spent fluid.

You whisper, "Sutekh moans, revelling, rejoicing at the thought, the horrible reality reshaping as her hope, her need, her pleasure, world upon world of foxpuppies being given unto your line as her mind accepts the consequences, the terrible fate she wreaked upon herself ... bitches body loving yours endlessly, owned, claimed, marked by your seed and purpose!" to Samedi.

Samedi finally seems to stop... he turns off of Sutekh's back, lifting a leg to complete the tying off, facing the opposite way, though pulling her up, tugging her of the vixen with his knot... making it wiggle and thrust within her as he moves... she scents the air and notices there is another...

Twan mrrrfs and wriggles back, freeing herself as soon as Samedi finishes with his first catch. She sits and rubs a little at her muzzle with her paw, snuffling and trying to get some of the juice out of her short muzzle fur.

Sutekh whimpers, squealing, spasming again, tightly around the knot as he reverses on her! Pulling her like a common dog even as her walls spasm and react heatedly ... "Arrrorraw?!!" snapping, stilling again once he does, panting, holding terribly still, probably -very- impregnated by this mastiff of a todd!

Samedi's tail wags as he sniffs and turns to Twan, licking his lips and walking toward her, Sutekh in tow, sniffing after Twan's sweet cunny...

Twan mrrr? She glances up to Samedi and yerfs, fidgeting as she's approached. She doesn't waste too much time, standing back up upon her hands and knees. She squirms a little, her scent, too, arousing, if not nearly as much so as Sutekh's. She presents herself for the todd, size no matter. The smoldering fire within her belly wanting.

Sutekh yelps and scrabbles over the hive's wax, praying, with what little remains of her rational mind, that the scents, the sounds aren't attracting the hive's attentions, helpless as we are. She stills once more, when Samedi allows her, panting, lowering her breasts and shoulders to the ground to angle her rump upwards toward Samedi ... still milking his shaft whenever he twitches or moves .... "Nnnnff!!"

Samedi whispers, "Samedi is still rock hard inside you but you can feel the knot starting to relax, and perhaps slip soon..." to you.

You whisper, "Sutekh quivers all around you, anticipating, but lowers her front tighter to the ground so little seed will be lost if you pull out of her, letting gravity keep the seed inside her warm oven ..." to Samedi.

Samedi starts to lap at Twan, his huge broad tongue lapping rapidly... his body moves slowly, rhythmically, churning his still entrapped shaft...

Samedi whispers, "Samedi's seed has already begun to congeal, clinging to your womb, waiting for each egg as his sperm seek them out, so potent and fertile..." to you.

Sutekh yimmers softly, clenching her eyes as she's mixed and teased, ovulating suddenly more, orgasming in time with Twan's preparations to receive Samedi ... Sutekh whimpers a little, holding her front lower still, rump hiking softly in time with Samedi's jostly little motions, crying a little ... feeling, feeling the conceptions beginning, like tiny motes of fire, pleasure points mimicking the strains of joy when they were first released ... each a new on of Samedi's cubs created inside her willing body ... "Nnnffft! G'grrrrr!!" ears flat against her scalp, all four breasts heaving downward as she pants desperately!

Samedi's knot finally relents, a slurping pop as he falls from her cunny, angry red and dripping... he pauses briefly from lapping Twan to lick Sutekh's cunny, signaling her body, making her cunny clench tight to hold the huge wad of seed within her.... then with a twitch of his tail he again rounds on Twan, climbing onto her...

You whisper, "Sutekh nuzzles, moaning softly, whimpering sweetly as she lifts her head a little, hiking with your lapping tongue ... indeed, sealing the cold out, and your seed inside, like a good vixen, not even knowing -why- she acts this way ... not even questioning it either ... Everything just feels -right- ... like it belongs, glowing, happy, warm ... sexy ..." to Samedi.

Samedi laps between Twan's shoulders as her mounts her, his motions less fierce than they were but just as implacable... looking down between her legs, she sees the size of him fully for the first time... nearly three inches thick along his length and over a foot long tip to base... as he places the tip against your waiting cunny.

Sutekh shivers for a long moment, not bothering to rise from where she so lewdly 'presents' rump toward Samedi's own, slowly, in little twitches, lowering her rump, exhausted, yet .. somehow .. still terribly horny ... She hardly understands anything now, so locked into the mental cycle of fucking/brooding/nursing/fucking once more that her heat puts her in the mindset of ...

Sutekh closes her eyes, licking her lips, turning slightly, panting, to look around at Samedi over her pet ... and moans softly ...

Twan shivers and mrrrfs, squirming a little, feeling Samedi dismount his first bitch and climb upon her. She shivers a little, fidgeting, glancing towards the large tip as it presses against her folds. She shivers and wriggles, panting, the fire flaring once more at the touch.

Samedi growls and werfs as he begins to take his second, seeming tireless as his cock forces itself into her folds, stretching them around the veined mass... you begin to feel some of the primal force your master unleashed, stronger than any morpic form, driving into you with intent...

Twan shivers and squirms, clenching her eyes closed a little as she feels her folds start to spread wide around the todd's cock. She whimpers and, the mere feel of that sending pleasure coursing through her. That isn't all, though, as she feels not only the pleasure of that, but more, working into her. She whimpers, caring only about the physical, the here and now, struggling to press herself back a little, whimpering.

Sutekh quivers in place a bit longer, watching this, drinking it in though steamy eyelids, then softly, Sutekh gets to her knees again crawling around and alongside Twan before crouching once more, feeling the other harem vixen's warmth, listening to her panted breath, her sounds of passion as she pants herself, still ... so shaky, so wondrously hot ...

Samedi whispers, "Samedi's seed sparks each egg.. you even feel many of them splitting, pairs of twins making your brood grow further in number.. one in every twenty, multiplied but the thousand you will birth for the one you sought to enslave..." to you.

Samedi struggles, thrusting hard and fast, his hips like a jackhammer, forcing past the resisting flesh of the vixen's sex, filling her inch by inch.... overfilling and still his mating continues, unabated...

You whisper, "Sutekh whimpers again, ashamedly, tail twisting, curling again, tightly at her side, feeling the lust-born filling her womb, the magic, the power of your seed like strands of firecrackers lighting her insides up with life ... and yet, and yet, she feels so wonderful, so wild, she could do this again, submit again immediately if you willed her too ... She's a good girl though, basking in the rutting of her pet as she growls and chirps sweetly, encouragingly ..." to Samedi.

Twan shivers and clenches her eyes, feeling the fox thrusting so hard and fast, driving and shoving into her hips again and again. She shudders and whines, panting, her body shuddering fore and back. Barely aware of Sutekh taking up position, she leans against the warming body. She bows her head a bit, trembling, her flesh hardly used to a fox so large, but slowly adapting, adapting or suffering a worse fate. Shuddering, her body trembles more, feeling Samedi's length driving in deeper and deeper within.

Samedi continues, his pre spurting against the vixen's cervix, softening it as he tried to spread it with his tip, the swelling of his knot starting to squish against her dew-sweet cunnlylips, soft smacking sounds... he shifts his height a bit, obviously preparing to tie himself up with her, throbbing and stretching her tightness.

Samedi whispers, "You can see his testes, swollen again, as filled with his foxseed as they were before... you know what your pet is in for..." to you.

Twan shudders and whines, squirming her hips and pressing back, body having been prone a bit, but starting to buck as she feels her broodfather driving in deep against her cervix. Feelings so deep, her flesh responds, sensitive, very much so. She tries to rock back against Samedi's thrusts, managing to just lean backwards into his thrusts, ever so unwittingly helping him spear in deeper. Against his quick and rapid thrusts, she finally climaxes, panting, whining, pressing back more, wanting more.

You whisper, "Sutekh rrowls sultrily, closing her eyes, though the image is burned indelibly into her brain ... and she looks again, as if coerced to watch, still under the spell, the thralldom of your maleness .. your scent? Her heat? The royal jelly? Perhaps all of the above, but it remains a mystery to her as she sprawls a little, squeaking with pleasure, throbbing walls mimicking Twan's .... "Uhhnnn ..."" to Samedi.

Sutekh squeaks softly, lifting her muzzle as she stretches her hindlegs out behind her, sprawling, panting, leaning against the coupling pair before, anxiously, restlessly, crawling back up to all fours, licking all over Twan's shoulder and neckfur!

Samedi grants your wish... he begins thrusting harder, if slower, wanting that knot inside Twan's hungry little body... he almost has it, her cunnylips stretched near their limit before her withdraws and in a moment drives back in, spreading her further, forcing the rock up her as his cocktip pierces her womb, so many times to big for her, but driven by a force her body can't resist... finally sinking himself inextricably in those sweet folds.

Samedi whispers, "You feel something... faint at first, a hint of movement in your cunny, but it's slowly growing more palpable..." to you.

Twan shudders and trembles, grunting and panting each hard thrust up deep against her cervix, whimpering from time to time. While her flesh may be at it's limit, her mind and body just can't accept that as all. She presses back, rocking a bit, arching and writhing along the fox's thick cock. Shuddering, she tenses a little as she feels, finally, Samedi's thick cocktip driving in and plunging into her womb, a whimper and moan shuddering from her. Already on edge, a second climax, slightly weaker than the first, ripples through her, inner flesh clenching, pulsing and gently milking along his length. Vixens need. What they need.. well, that should be plain.

You whisper, "Sutekh stills softly, panting, feeling, concentrating without looking back as she shivers a little, not ... not understanding ... She swallows a little, trying to calm enough to focus on the sensation ..." to Samedi.

Sutekh stops licking suddenly, moaning a little and holding still as her tail hikes high, over her back, curled much like a huskies suddenly!

Samedi thrusts rapidly again, driving himself into Twan's depths over and over as his knot swells, wanting to explode inside her, the first shivers of pleasure filtering through his powerful body...

Samedi whispers, "It gets stronger, a sensation that you are being mated again... you swear you can feel his know again, pressing hard against your folds, his cocktip punching into you, again seeking the gate to your womb..." to you.

Sutekh shudders and yelps, shaking heavily, as if being mated. Her four breasts hanging beneath her suddenly volcanic body swing pendulously as she begins rocking, reaching, tensing with growls, hisses and whimpers of surprise ... "Nnnn'!? Nnfff AwooooOOOOoooo!!!!" howling with renewed energy, her phantom lover nearly opening her already dilated cervix once more!

Twan shudders and presses back, whining, clenching her eyes and bracing her stance as she feels Samedi thrusting quick, deep, hard and fast. Her body shudders, as another orgasm claims her senses. Pleasure she has had, but that prize for being in heat, that seed that she needs, remains, for the moment, just beyond reach.

Samedi swells further, his motions becoming more and more restricted as he peaks... and howls, exploding into the vixen in a huge rush, his body convulsing as it sprays semen into her, a flood of sticky heat... he stands on her as well, still churning his shaft, seeming to cum forever...

Samedi whispers, "You feel him bury himself inside you, fucking you hard, filling and stretching your cunny, and soon a second heat rush inside you..." to you.

Sutekh tenses, then plunges her cunt upwards, the flesh around her sex acting very peculiarly as she plants her forepaws against the warm, waxy floor once more, grimacing, yowling with pleasure, outrage, teeth bared as she begins to cum anew, over and over, rolling through her body in relentless waves of pleasure ... "Ohhgods, h'he! He's n'nae?!" eyes closing, tense as she's suddenly overcome by the fury of the power thrusting into her!

Twan lifts her head, such as she can with Samedi above her, trembling and whimpering upon the fox's length. Feeling him climax, shoving in deep, she yowls a little, a yowl of pleasure. Shuddering, she whimperpants, body bucking back against Samedi's hips as he climaxes, pooling his seed happily deep in her belly, washing at her heat as his seed does something about that, breeding her.

Samedi shudders, his hot seed spilling into you, his body emptying his spunk, taking you, his lust burning in his loins and into yours... and then you hear a sound... though it's hard to say if it's what you think or just another of his grunting cries... "Yesss!"

Samedi whispers, "You feel this all in mirror as well..." to you.

Sutekh trembles, shaking, feeling the second coming inside her as well as Twan does, cunny laving, pulsing around the ghostcock buried in her jackalpussy as she moans, ears pinned flat against her scalp ... passion, need, driving her to climax again, over and over again, swiftly doubling her first brood as she whimpers ... and opens a glazed eye, head mashed against the ground, one eye catching the panorama layed out before her, the broodqueen moaning, birthing even as she's fucked over and over again, forever ... the word fits, sticks ... reminding her of its awesome scale ... forever ... "N'Nohhh!!!" *spasm!*

Twan mirrors Samedi's shuddering, body trembling happily as it recieves the very essence that it needed. She trembles and pants, her head bowing a bit, breathing hard and heavy. Hearing the fox's triumphant cry, her ears flick, then hearing Sutekh's cry, she blearily glances over, whirrfing at the sight.

Samedi whrrfs, tugging briefly at his knot as he settles off to the side, wanting to turn again and tie, rump to rump....

Sutekh holds still, twisting a little, then still again, save for he panting ... Far in the distance, an ambassador caste Scaranth slips from the queue, curious ... and starts an irregular flight path toward the spiral staircase ...

Samedi starts to growl... still tied but ready to fight in protection...

To Be Continued...