Scaranth, Transformations - Addfwyn, Twan, Samedi, Ambassador, Sutekh (Circa 12/2000)

Samedi starts to growl... still tied but ready to fight in protection. Samedi's cock throbs heavily, you can feel it inside you as well, the powerfull muscles of his heart beating faster, harder as possible danger approches.

Sutekh pants and jerks slightly where she is, settling whenever the wondrous bolts of pleasure screaming through her nerves gives her a chance to rest. The insect approaching, carefully scanning Sutekh's veiling magics, doesn't have too much trouble however, detecting the teeming wad of new life nestled within his -own- hive's royal jelly, within ... Sutekh ... <<Trannnsszzformattionnn window ... imminent ... Danger ... locatzzssion allied, not related nnnnn' territory!>> Ambkriff 155 hovers for a moment, circling with the low tonal hum of its wings before landing on the staircase above and behind the recently breeding trio of furs ... <<Muzssst initiaate ... D'Desszztroy hive if szzuitable q'ueen nesszzzts -here- >>

Samedi is wearing the form of a giant fox, one larger than the largest wolves. He is currently tied off inside a morphic vixen who is mostly motionless and insensible. He turns to face the Scaranth 'Ambassador' who has come to investigate, growling low, not really understanding the speak, knowing only that the bitches carrying his young are endangered... Sutekh is hunkered nearby, also in breeding posture, twitching and gasping as if she was being mated as well.

Addfwyn is confused and overwhelmed by the activity here. She remains in the corner of the area, watching when she can bring herself to do so... but mostly trying to avoid notice.

Sutekh pantpants softly, whimpering as something twists inside her wanton hole. The lips are parted wide, but shaped funny around the air just inside her sex indicates that there's some sort of glass ... knot inside her. Certainly her slickness is stretched over something spherical and very, very clear ... Meanwhile, the Ambassador climbs his way down, closer and closer, his wings occasionally spreading *Bbrrrr'rraaap!!* and ittitatingly humming before tucking back inside its massive carapace ... <<Iffvvv ... iffvvv ... breeding, initiate ... -here- ... War, war, danger ... but ssszzzzsecond, direct relation hive here ... nnnnnnn'near szzstaircazzseee ... >> It moves closer, seething softly, eyes alert, tracking both foxes as well, keeping an eye on them, before scuttling to the lowermost step ...

Samedi moves to lunge forward, but finds he cannot, his growl ending in a whimper as he is trapped too tightly inside the vixen... he snaps at the insect as his body starts to change, legs lengthening, muscles and bones altering to render him... as a morphic fox... and still a big one, perhaps two and a quarter meters should he stand fully.

Addfwyn whimpers softly, wrapping her hands around herself as she continues to watch. She's watched the insects for days and never understood them at all, but now there is anger, fear and confusion coming from the confrontation on the stairs, and that scares her more. She tries to make herself less visible.

Sutekh shivers a little, eyes opening softly as her heat makes it hard, too hard to move, to act ... The ... sudden shapes inside her growing painfully large as she winces and digs into the waxy floor. She trembles, barks in alarm and pain, whimpering as she clenches her eyes. Ambkriff 155 lurches to the side, scuttling crablike as it makes its way across the floor ... So many enemies, yet a pupal queen waits, begs to be matured, brought into her glory and destiny. Shi makes a higher pitched warning at the growing fox, wings fluttering once, twice ... <<Your bitch ... your bitch, foxxxxzzzz issszzs about to die .... Szzhee will burszzzt unlesszzzz I can enter her zzssoon ... >>

Samedi starts to speak, haltingly, like speech is an ancient memory to him, his words a little slurred as well... some comprehension dawning... "Do... as.. needed... I watch..." He stands, his massive cock finally slipping from the vixen, something equally large and invisible seeming to slip from Sutekh at the same time... he looks aside, to stare at the stranger who has entered, who sought to hide herself, then back to the ambassador.

Addfwyn curls up more at Samedi's glance. She looks for shadows, anything, to hide herself, not wanting to be noticed or get involved... fear runs through her - all these things are beyond her comprehension.

Samedi watches close, his eyes showing the haze that lays over his mind... if only it would clear... there is so much more...

Addfwyn yikes, suddenly, jumping up slightly as she hears a voice in her mind. Quickly she recovers herself, curling back up once more, as she tries to respond without a sound.

Sutekh shudders, moaning as she lifts her front from the ground, passion, pain rifling though her form a she moans, released ... the thick, terribly powerful juices having long since congealed, combined with the royal jelly to keep Samedi's seed inside her. The ... Ambassador, meanwhile, taking the words at face value, scuttles quickly forward, antennae dancing over the jackal demon's rump and sex ... <<Zzzssshieee? Isszzzzz Bred already? ... G'Good *Bbrrrraaap!!!* It will g'go eazzzzzsssier for her then!>> Softly, slowly, he feels over toward her front, and under her midriff, touching, prodding, mapping her body in his mind as he shudders and prepares his internal chemistry sets, hormones beginning to flow wildly through demonic tracts ....

Samedi growls a bit, low... watching closely, still in a haze and unable to know just what is being done... but his instincts tell him this is not an enemy.. not a true one...

Addfwyn turns at the growl, her tail flicking around nervously. She starts to crawl down the wall now, but then stops all of the sudden as a picture fills her mind. She shivers from head to tail tip... but her tail rises as her juices begin to flow.
Ambassador is standing behind Sutekh, grasping her with it's forelimbs. Sutekh is currently in bad shape, her belly distended and rippling, swelling slowly even as we watch. Twan has recently been rather roughly mated and was on the floor recovering her senses while Ann lurks in the shadows. Samedi is protecting

look Addfwyn
( A reddish color touches the cheeks of this young humanoid woman. In her late teens, she stands on two plantigrade feet at just over five and a half feet tall. Her auburn hair flows around her cute, round face and falls just past her shoulders. Her petite body is currently naked. Her pale skin is unblemished, her small round breasts pert, nipples firm. Three more sets of nipples line her otherwise smooth belly. From just above her small bottom, a thin, hairless tail of about three feet in length emerges. Her demeanor is generally timid, shy and embarrassed and she normally avoids eye contact. )

Addfwyn is really starting to get worried. Though she's looked it over a thousand times before, she's once again in search of a way out of this prison.

Sutekh whimpers a little, arching, feeling the sensations of being covered yet a -third- time ... ?! Her heat, her ... her heat says it ... it can only be good ... more ... good ... She whimpers, eyes closing as she yelps, feeling, feeling the Ambassador's presence closer, touching, making her napehairs hike a little. Gods, but the lives, the myriad tiny lives inside her feel different ... like a new kind of power. "Arrrrr-rrarrrlll *pant* <<Ohhgoddess .. oh ... Ohhh m'my pets, my slaves ... I ... s'so this ... this is w'what you feel? Ohgods ... Not ... not this ... intense, s'surely?! *spasm!* >> "Yipe!?"

Twan shifts where she lays, sprawled on her belly. She groans a little and lifts her head up a bit, shaking her head lightly and lifting a paw to rub at her eyes. She glances around, eyebrows furrowing, barely remembering where she is, nor why. She glances over, hearing voices, her gaze focusing on Sutekh, blinking a little quietly.

Ambassador buzzes, its forelimbs catching the horet's sides, tangling the fur and pulling her toward it... you can see it's organ, red, extended, almost tentacle like, striving for the sex of the queen to be... soft drops of fluids starting to drib frm the tip as it prepared to inseminate her. Samedi, watches, dispassionate, oddly protective of the whole scene... though he slowly begins to alter his form, loosing the foxlike qualities...

Addfwyn freezes in place as she spots the Ambassador's organ. A shudder runs through her but she can't draw her gaze away, transfixed at the sight of the insect. Unconsciously, her tail lifts again, out of the way of her sex.

Sutekh hikes again, stilling, her heart hammering as she shivers, looking now, with wild eyes to the sides ... catching Addfwyn's presence finally, and ... her expression?! "W'werk?" she yelps a little, feeling the twists, the hairy barbs of Ambassador's forelimbs catching in her pelt as she finally, shuddering, despite the languid heat inside her womb, the pleasure the ... threat ... "No?! " she murmurs, horrified, pulling forward a little, out from under the Ambassador ... "Nae m'me?! It ... Addfwyn ... Her! S'She, I was g'going to prepare?!" She stills though, only a few inches forward, panting, whimpering, part of her heat begging her to stay ... stay ... She fights the coaxing, wondering how she fell so fast ... so far!

Twan shivers and glances down to the Ambassador, blinking as she scoots back a little. The heightened influence of the taste of Sutekh, her time down and recovering, and her recovering having cleared a bit of the heat from her mind and body. She blushes a little, slowly pushing herself up onto her hands and knees, then knees only, glancing back towards Addfwyn. A quick, nervous survey, and she tries to move slow, to separate herself without being noticed much.

Ambassador speaks <<Yezzzz.. nnnoww.. become...>> as it moves in, all six legs gripping Sutekh as it prepares to mount her... and then does, its member pressing roughly into the jackalwoman's cunt, narrow at first but rapidly thickening as its body locks into place above her... if you can tear your eyes off the scene for even a moment you might notices something, in the distance, the first buzzing of their wings beginning to be heard... a flight of others like itself closing in...

Addfwyn has trouble looking elsewhere or noticing anything. But when she's looked at, she recoils, trying to hide once more. She is so full of fear, but yet aroused... and wants to run far away, but simply cannot bring herself to move.

Samedi chuckles, looking and feeling his old self again... he looks over at Addfwyn and smiles before vanishing in a burst of flame.

Samedi has left.

Sutekh yelps, much, much more like a wild jackalbitch in her fear. Her terror made a thousandfold though more horrible by the sense of how powerful she is, or was, just a few hours ago ... That power still resides inside her, but she seems helpless to access, so distracted, terribly hot as she's clenched, coaxed, and stilled briefly by the insistent mind boring into hers. She yelps again, quieter, more passively this time as her cunnywalls collapse, slick, sticky from Samedi's mating her twice over now just moments before, walls grinding as she washes back toward the pleasure, the pleasure of being the breeding bitch, the cunt she tries to make her slaves into ... The thought, the knowledge that she's already full of kits only heightens her slavish urgency for more ... always ... "M' ... more ... ?" *whimper*

Twan shivers a little and pauses lightly as the Ambassador draws in against Sutekh, penetrating her. With the thought of Sutekh, this domme who had called her here before, now under the whim of one of these insects, she fidgets, and stands up, starting to move a bit quicker. If Sutekh was taken down so easily, how can she ever resist. As she moves, she turns her head to nearly walk into Addfwyn. Catching herself, she steps back, looking back and forth. One ear, flicking towards the side, catches the sounds of those arriving.

Ambassador whispers, "You immediately feel the creature's seed begin to wash into you, carrying sperm and much more... hormones, chemical triggers, aphrodisiacs..." to you.

You whisper, "Sutekh quails deliciously inside, knowing, intellectually, something of what's happening, but wasn't present when it happened to her other pets ... She cries softly, choking back her yelps as her cunnywalls clench and nurse your proboscis, feeling, feeling the eager, the ease at which you inseminate her without preamble!" to Ambassador.

Look Ambassador
(Alien at first, then, as you make out its scratchings upon this reality, this fabric of time-space, the glowing shell of the Scaranth does take on a strangely familiar set of contours, those of a giant scarab.

This azure entity, some 4 feet long and 3 feet across, scintillating constantly, even in darkness, with microscopic ripples of multi-dimensional resonance opens its carapace from time to time, emitting a resounding -Prrrrap!- as silver fairy-laced wings blur in hir excitement. Seemingly limned with liquid gold in this world, it imbues the surrounding area with a constantly shifting halo of translucent light.

Its six legs, spindly, yet strong, are covered with soft 'hairs' that stiffen in such a way as to grip what they're brushed against, forelegs feeling, in concert with coppery antennae as shi moves.

Pulsing now, in and out of the pointed rear of its carapace is a narrow cone shaped tube of flesh, slick and sticky, glistening ruby red in the glinting light. As shi closes the distance between you, hir ovipositor/inseminator organ curls forward under hir body, seeking something warm to plant them in. )

Ambassador buzzes.. the rest of his body not moving, just the thick red member, ramming into her as the others close around you all... some twenty of them. The two others, as yet untaken are surrounded by a cluster of them (!) all grabbing and clutching at their fur... meanwhile another pair latches on to Sutekh, taking an arm each... you see Sutekh's belly, huge, swollen more than one normal would be just before birth, the growth so quick, suggesting just how many have been fathered upon her...

Addfwyn lets loose with a scream as she's surrounded, and flies into a blind panic as insect legs touch her bare, furless skin. Needing to flee, not thinking, she starts to run, only to slam head-on into Twan - the impact of which sends her sprawling, stunned and helpless, onto her back on the ground.

Sutekh yelps, shaking her legs trying to kick out again, though they're gripped just as tightly as before, sliding with the weird, liquid sounds of the angry red cone slurping in and out of her cunny, her tail hiked and mashed against the underside of Ambassador. She moans at a sudden, terribly strong pain inside her womb, it .. the feeling of pressure, like she's about to give birth, except without the ... contractions. "Ohhgodss!!!*YELP!* So tight, *pantpant* so! *pant* Hot!? M'More! *pant*" The snarling, as if her words weren't hers to utter, she thrashes her head from side to side, snapping at the new pair of beetles clutching her, spreading her arms a little ... "Wha?" Her panting quickens as a fury of chemical soup pulses into her veins, starting the ritual in earnest ... "N'No!!"

( One of the scaranth falls in an instant upon Addfwyn, clutching at her and in an instant launching into the air. )

Twan yelps and tugs at the gripping insects, pulling against her fur, tearing at her silken robe. Whimpering, she tries to pull forwards, but as Addfwyn runs into her, hard, she gets knocked back against the other insects. Shaking her head, whining at lost progress, she cries out, "Oh, no.. please not me.." She still struggles, now heedless of Sutekh's initiation and concerned only with herself.

Ambassador drops off of Sutekh as the other two lift her skyward... Its twin is in an instant upon her back, penetrating her with a sharp thrust, mating rapidly once more, all of you caught now in grasping, spiny limbs and carried into the air, up the long flights of stairs... you feel them, each driving that think member into you, stretching and probing at your insides even as you feel the cold alien mind of the hive pressing against your consciousness, feeling after the cracks, the flaws in your minds, so much of it... it calls to you, threatens, cajoles, summons dreams and nightmares to weaken you...

Harem and Baths

Broad, light blue marble baths, like something out of a Maxfield Parish painting greet you as you glance around. Corinthian columns, eight massive pillars wider than most furs can reach with arms outstretched, line this landing carved harem. The reddish light streaming in from the abyssal sky, seems somehow tamed by this place, taking on a more autumnal feeling that is only reinforced by the light mists wreathing the warmer of the two gigantic pools here. Inset enough to be sheltered by the canyon winds, and covered by a silver paneled ceiling, darkness is still an issue, dealt with by a number of wall sconces of cobra motif holding eternally burning silver-blue flames.

Between the pools, one cool and one warm, running parallel with the colonnade, is the broad leisure place of the harem, carpeted in rare elephant print rugs and furnished with satin pillows, bowl chairs of silk and damask, marble benches and urns invested with bird of paradise plants. Aerial servants, permanent dweomers of elemental wind, flit about to the visitor's vocal behests, serving refreshments or providing towels or garments asked for.

At the far end of the room, shrouded in shadow, a small iron door with a metal bar and several arcane locks, hides nearly from view. The keys, interestingly enough, are on -this- side of the door.

[ Obvious Exits: Iron-Door, Stairs ]

Twan shivers and whimpers, yelping as she's lifted off her feet. Flown higher and lifted, the moment she feels one of the insects pressing into her, probing within her flesh, and soon within her mind, too, she struggles a little more, then a little less, whining, becoming more active, yet weaker against her far stronger and numerous captors. Struggling, she clenches her eyes, trying to push away, tail lashing vigorously in anxiety.

Addfwyn slowly wakens as she's penetrated in flight. She gasps, shuddering, her body instinctively arching back to the cock inside her, moaning in pleasure, tail whipping around. She struggles briefly against the alien presence in her mind, but is, in the end, fairly weak-willed, and can not last more than a minute or so. Her tunnel clutches the cock inside her, needily.

Sutekh nnngghsh softly, landing with a skittery jangle of knees and claws, sliding across the marble floor as she cries, already warmly responding to her new suitor as if he were the only mate in the world who could quench the thirst in her kit-tunnel, moaning, listening with her flattened ears to the cries of her pets ... her ... she listens to her slaves ... distant, so distant, but its good to hear them so ... so fulfilled, so wanton, so afraid of the horrible, the wonderful things her world has to offer them ... Her body jerks again ... the soft fur of her tummy beginning to fall out strangely, replaced by a newer pelt ... her body arches a little though, determined to have her lover cum inside like the last did, draining him of the essence he gives her ... <<Boon .. ohhyess ... boons ... each of you ... g'gets a boon ... >>

Females' sensations--> ( You feel them, mating you, only the probing tentacle thrusting inside each of you, rapid, ceaceless... then each cumming in a rush of icy fluid, the jellylike seed staying inside you, almost burning the walls of your cunnies, a soft tingling starting there and spreading through each of you... even as your minds are impressed.. you feel them, what they want... your bodies being prepared, primed, transformed... setting a foothold in this new realm. Soon more of the creatures arrive.. warriors, setting guards about you as the mating continues... )

Twan shivers and whines, shifting and clenching her eyes, ears flattened back as far as they go. She trembles, laid out on her belly, her paws clenching against the ground. She occasionally tries pushing herself up, but as she's pushed back down, she eventually concedes. Groaning, the feel of the seed being deposited inside her sends her mind reeling, cold, then burning, tingling through her. She whimpers, tail flicking, trying to keep some semblance of control as her mind crumbles slowly.

Sutekh rails against the wonders, the pleasures, panting, eyes seeing the others, the ... invaders ... "Ohhh?!" *spasm!?* mating her pets, her ... slaves ... even as the perimeter is formed, the bivouac descending into other chambers, where doubtless, other slaves and demons play. Scouts though, remain cautious enough not to engage where it wouldn't bring an immediate return ... Sutekh shakes her ehad again, trying, trying to fight the urge to give everything, to give up ... but something strange, is ... happening to her spine?! Soft ripples of flesh, her breasts dripping suddenly against the harem's floor as her tail begins to plump ... slowly, as if inflating ... "Nnh?!'

Addfwyn swallows, shivering in cold and whimpering as she's mated. She doesn't resist, but shivers again as the tingle moves through her body. She's helping out, serving a purpose, and these thoughts keep her calm as she loses herself to the alien insects.

Females' sensations -->( The three mating finally detach, leaving your tortured sexes empty save for the semen being rapidly absorbed by your bodies, new lives kindling within you even as another set mount you, though powerful arms still hold you down... Sutekh is flipped upon her back and leaped upon by not one but two of the creatures, both taking her simultaneously, their thick shafts driving deeper into her body as it changes, following the new channels and curves. A few more slaves are brought back by scouting parties, a pod of workers arriving to cement their limbs to the walls with wax while they go about their construction ... And then another arrives, like the ambassadors but larger, built differently than the soldiers... in his foreclaws he bears a sphere of honey-like fluid... the scent of it egging you all on, so erotic... )

Addfwyn has disconnected.

You whisper, "Sutekh moans again, twisting now, answering as she tries to coax both ambassadors raping her body at once, pleasing them, feeling the scent in her mind, the etchings of possibilities ... She wanted to rule ... this ... this is... a way ... another route ... legitimate ... *pant* "Ohhh!?" *spasm!* milking suddenly as she orgasms again, releasing her old eggs yet again ... somehow, needing this, participating. The fighter, the reistance falters more often now as she groans and meshes with her collective rapists ... her masters, her subjects, yet belonging to -them- ... serving -you- <<Ohhhhhhh!!!??>> *spasm* uncertain what's happening inside, only that the seed is now acting as both magic and mass, her body changing, absorbing it with each coupling, each spasming thrust of milky seed into her form ... changing wanting so much to accomodate, please -both- creatures so well ..." to Ambassador.

Twan shivers and pants, groaning as the insect upon her pulls free and leaves. She writhes a little, though finding her arms and legs still pinned down, she trembles a little. Her hips move a little, rubbing her belly against the ground a little, shuddering a little as the sticky seed within her belly and sex make her ache for more. Trembling, and not getting much time before the next pounces, she yelps, lifting her head up, this time, reflexively pushing her hips back against the invading length, twitching as it penetrates deep again. She shudders, her head tipping over, a sudden scent catching her sensitive nose.

Females' Sensations --> ( The stranger walks over to Sutekh, dipping a claw into the sticky ball and then reached down to hold the covered claw before her lips, the scent making her hunger rise... if it tastes anything near as good as it smells... there is a drop there, waiting to fall into her mouth... They continue to mate you, after each spills his seed, it is replaced by another... )

Sutekh yimmers, softly, shaking as limbs, strangely bud from her midriff as she fucks, is fucked horribly by, the pair, one apparently finding some other place above her tail, at the base of her spine, to lunge and enter her. She twists, rolling with the couple, stronger, just briefly, as she cries ... almost fighting, almost dancing before she stills again, *pant* muzzle parted in a soundless howl as muscles twist and lengthen, fluids fill new chambers ... orgasms accentuating, coaxing her onward even as she becomes ravenously hungry. The scent, the scent of the honey makes the cuntlips now definitely at her twisting, strangely patterned back, slicken and clutch hungrily at the ambassador atop her ... The extra legs popping slightly as they grow, pawing, pawing at the air, definitely jackal. Her tail, however, begins to pattern itself similarly to the bands across her back ...

Ambassador whispers, "You feel them, their thrusts alternating and driving, each replaced a dozen times over, filling you with the seed you need, you know it is your salvation ,the only thing that will allow you to survive even as you conceive more... then the shock as the royal jelly begins to work, setting your nerves afire, binding you closer to the center of this, a new hive, where you will be, raped and taken without end..." to you.

You whisper, "Sutekh moans softly, lapping, eating at the sphere as its offered her, eating, crying tears of passion, barely able to focus on anything as pleasure meets her body, her changing body, swiftly, mercilessly ... Her mind reaching <<Nnnnhhh!? Ohhh ... >> cumming again, twisting, milking each partner as if kissing her cherished lover of life-long devotion, no remorse, no jealously, milking each one diligently with the pleasure of her station, the purpose ... survival, gratitude ... to survive ... <<Y'yyesss .. ?>> she mentally moans, casting her thoughts to the growing collective around her, feeling her abdomen finally forming from the ruins of her tail, her new sex undulating wildly ..." to Ambassador.

Ambassador pages, "For the log... to Twan it was: You feel many more, cumming, filling you, though after the first few, the sensation is different... you feel them thrusting, mating, their probing members reaching deep, penetrating your womb where already a dozen foxkits wait... then you feel them... their connection with your mind already made as they are part of you, of the hive... eggs... they are placing their own eggs inside you!" to you.

Twan shivers and struggles a little, whimpering softly and panting as she climaxes with her suitors, bucking back more as her body's pleasure heightens. Shuddering, the feel of those members reaching so deep, wriggling and pressing anywhere within her they want, sends tingles everywhere, through even her ears. More and more, she 'hears' the hive, more, stronger, groaning as the voices clamor at her senses.

Ambassador watches now, directing the motions of others, the room looking less like the former harem as new combs and incubation chambers are added by the diligent workers, converting this space into a home for these creatures. Finally they stop mating Twan, instead beginning to take their positors and thrust them into her mouth, pumping other things into her body. Sutekh is fed more and more jelly, a second drone bearing more arriving... and others seem to be gathering it from her own body! The space so full of pheromones... the captive slaves seem to be climaxing on their own, their thighs drenched with the juices of their pleasure, though none has yet mated them.

Sutekh roars, muzzle gaping, now looking almost 'taured' with a fleshy, wasp-like abdomen growing past a narrow point of her ... third waist?! She struggles, trying to stand on her new hexepedal arrangement, but falls back under the weight of the male thrusting into her from in front of her, crying, yelping happily now, moaning, thanking them with answering clutches of her cunnywalls .... the eggs inside her, seemingly splitting now, dividing into two clusters, but both passing aft, through her, as more and more flesh, organs, and fluids travel into her swelling, pulsating abdomen ... "Ohh ... Ohhh?! " weeping as she scans the room, her ... her new home, her prison, aching for more, for it to not stop even as she lifts herself, attempting once more to rise, drinking, drinking obediently as she feels the ticklish caress of worker's mandibles teasing her growing mass ... "B'Brolly ... " she moans, then, down, watching Twan, smiles almost beatifically, before jerking, breasts bouncing as the scaranth change off

Twan shivers and whines a bit, eyes clenching a moment. Finally, she gets release from the constant mating, shifting on her belly, having barely noticed until now of it's swollen size. Panting a bit, and a whirf of confusion, she gets overtaken by one thrusting into her mouth. She nnnnghs and arches, trying to back away ineffectually, body twitching and bucking as she feels the fluids draining down her throat, filling her belly from the other end, shuddering at her growing helplessness.

Females' Sensations --> ( They pause often enough, letting Twan breath between.. feedings.. the chemicals triggering changes in her as well... her body lengthens, her belly stretching, though as it grown is only looks more swollen.... the development of eggs and kits jumpstarted, sped up a thousandfold... meanwhile the first of Sutekh's children waits for birth, one of the thousands Samedi fathered upon her... her body slowly transforming into a birthing machine, devoted to that purpose alone. )

Sutekh moans, rippling with pleasure, from morphic front, crying softly as she twists and finds her yet growing abdomen ... too heavy to move?! She glances back, crying, feeling the heat of her furnaces, the multiple chambers, rippling, working, altered jackal-foxkitts already the size of kittens, moving slickly toward her sidewombs, then, as she yearks, feeling the slick motion, the peristalsis gripping, pushing the kit into open air, she howls, lifting her muzzle to the ceiling, spittle flinging up toward the ceiling as she cries "Arrwwwhhooo!!!Arrghghh!!Ghhrrrrr!!!Hhhh*pant* Ohhgods, Ohgods, it! Itt!! N'Nohhh!!!!" feeling the kitt free finally from her body, on the left side, even as she releases its twin on the right, each rubbing past another pleasure center, rewarding her behavior!! "Nnnnhh!!ohhyyesss~!!Ohh T'Twahhnnnn!!! Ohhfff!*pant* if you could f'feel thiss!!!"

Twan shudders and whimpers, panting at the short intervals she gets to breathe, she barely has much of a chance to glance over. One ear flicks in Sutekh's general direction, though. She shudders and clenches around the member within when it's inside, her belly feeling so heavy, her body so bizarre. She tugs at her pinned arms, whining from time to time.

Females' Sensations --> ( Workers hover over Twan as the first contractions take hold of her, her hugely distended, though still mammalian form wracked with the first twitches, her haywired brain turning all into shocks of pleasure as her body strives to birth her first as well, the others letting her breathe, though they hold her down. Sutekh nearby is left alone, only for a time, as the things done to Twan are done to the other slaves, filling their wombs with scaranth eggs, their body adapting to bear them all... the colony starts to grow, the soldiers advancing through the realm. They continue to gather more Jelly from Sutekh, feeding her more still as the transformation progresses... as the mating continues, two sexes constantly filled with insect cocks. )

You page-pose, "Sutekh isn't certain how it'll end, but we've each had about twenty to fifty orgasms via pose each now :> Twan was stuffed with eggies ...OHH, now the scaranth are pumping the others, the captured demonslaves full of eggs too :> The colony's basically getting a -quick- foothold!" to Josh

In a page-pose to you, Josh hmms... "Lovie... you do realize that with all the power you've given Josh... this won't last... He'd allow this to happen, only long enough to give them a sense of security, then wipe the infestation from the Realm..."

In a page-pose to you, Josh grins. "Of course, specifically, he'll let them think they've won, just to shock them even more when he returns them to their original size... and then offers them many new worlds to expand into. ;)

Sutekh pantpants heavily, breasts heaving as she's mated now, in place, only writhing her organs of pleasure now as her legs shift and flinch at the ticklish touches of her masters, her hive ... She lowers her muzzle, dipping obediently, gasping just before imbibing more of the golden nectar, feeling the wondrous, heavenly liquid sliding down her throat, filling her mind with soft promise, how ... how rich life can be ... She notices though, the pleasure now, of each birth, feeling the first of her Scaranth eggs, hot as an oven, rolling down the longer, more narrow passage toward her ovipositor. Her body shudders again, ears flattening, abdomen lifting a bit, resettling ... 20' long now, rippling, still expanding even as her first egg, so tight, so ... filling her ovipositor, twists and spirals out onto the sticky flooring, a little English on it before being collected .. "Ohhh T'Twannhhnnnn!!! Ohhgods, it f'feels!!! Ohhh yess!! Ohhh p'pleaseee!!! Ohhf'fuckhhh!! Ohh ... Ohh f'fuck mieee!!!!!"

You page-pose, "Sutekh nodnods ... "I understand ... but would sue to have it transplanted, or pinched off into a pocket realm instead of torching it ..." to Josh

Twan shudders and gasps, wincing and groaning at first, shuddering after a bit as the contractions don't hurt as she was expecting. Shuddering, she rocks her body, the posture she's in odd to her instincts. She whimpers and trembles, tugging and writhing a bit, trying to shift, to move from her pinned spot to one a little less abnormal for her. Pinned she is, and pinned she seems to stay, even as contractions attack her body. Slowly, through much yowling and panting, she manages to birth her first.

In a page-pose to you, Josh grins. "Oh, no. Not their home realm. I mean their infestation of HIS Realm. Er... your Realm, of course. ;) THAT is unforgivable, and must be punished. But, they've proven themselves as very resourceful, striking when he wasn't paying attention, and are to be rewarded with a handful of planets controlled by the forces of light. ;)

You page-pose, "Sutekh smiles and kisses ... she -is- a sentimental demon ... :>" to Josh

In a page-pose to you, Josh laughs softly. :)

Ambassador looks on, seeing that all is going well, his own body changing as well.. getting larger, managing more of this growing hive's activities... a nexus in the growing web of the Hive's mind, lacing you all into it. Attendant workers swarm about you all, taking the children you birth and setting them within their chambers to pupate... finally when the first of these is ready, the first of Sutekh's scaranth offspring... it takes it's turn upon it's mother, mating as the lines to further inseminate you both grow.

Sutekh pant-pants, feeling, trying to reach psychically, to thank/question/moan her excitement, eyes half lidded as she loses count, her form nearly reaching its final dimensions at the four hundredth scaranth egg, the hive already full of children, of the efrit-fox's young, and still yet, thousands remain within the queue to be born ... Feeling, suddenly, recognizing the flesh of her body toughing her, she myurrrs and turns, coupling lewdly with the scaranth wrapped around her regal torso as she smiles, hearing its wings, its closeness ... and the incest commences, utterly catching her off guard as she squeaks, reeling once more as the scaranth enters her, pushing deeply into her seed reservoir, the hive's constantly replenished, constantly diminishing collection of sperm, of eggs ... She cries softly, whimpering as a mortal might, tears of joy, outrage, pleasure working through her as it plunges its meat back into her, its mother, pleasuring her as it leaves its own young in her new chambers ...

In a page-pose to you, Josh mmmms, and laughs softly. "Y'know... I am so envious of you three. ;)"

You whisper, "Sutekh tries, softly, reaching, to feel, through the endless orgasms, birthing, pleasures untold, the first, the privileged that plunged his cock into her body and changed her forever ...." to Ambassador.

You page-pose, "Sutekh smiles and nuzzles softly, moaning, writhing :>" to Josh

Ambassador whispers, "You feel him, becoming this hive's King.. the nexus of the web, a much larger creature to handle the demands. He moves closer to you..." to you.

Twan shivers and whimpers, groaning a little as she squirms upon her perch. Barely paying attention to Sutekh and her line of suitors, having enough to deal with on her own. No sooner than her womb is emptied, it's refilled once more. Whimpering, she shudders, clenching her eyes in pleasure as she's mated hard, fast, belly once more swollen. Her insides slick, constantly now, sopping herself from birthing, breeding, shuddering in pleasure. She trembles more as the web of the hive's mind wraps around her, hearing them, half resistant, anxious, a part of something so large, so demanding.

You whisper, "Sutekh trembles, moaning softly?! <<Kinnnggg?!>> wailing, not, never seeing one before, not -knowing- there was a king?! Ohhgoddss, Her myriad openings shudder and clench reflexively, horrified as she struggles to move, trapped by her own body!" to Ambassador.

You whisper, "Sutekh moans softly in your mind ... feeling, sharing something she didn't know about the Scaranth ... not at all, no clue ... and the thought both thrills and pleasures her into birthing a bit faster as she's mated, plunged and used ... and terrifies her as she tries helplessly to move her massive form?! <<Theresss ... he'sss .... the ... f'firrssss't onessss ... a k'kinnnng!>> A new caste, never before imagined!" to Twan.

Twan whispers, "Twan shivers and pants, trembling amidst the pleasure and flurried activities of being bred and birthing, "W-who?" She's not the sharpest stick, especially when her knowledge of the scaranth is next to nothing." to you.

Ambassador starts to move toward Sutekh, five times his former size as his own role has changed... Even as the others continue to mate the queen's ventral opening he pauses, waiting for the one before to leave... his own organs extend, larger in scale, the sensations of his readying rippling through the thoughtweb, pleasure and desire, this consummation somehow crucial... like the final seal upon this queen... he moves into position and mounts Sutekh, that massive drill-like organ spreading her and slinking inside her, foot after foot of it... Twan's body continues to change, slower... their eggs no longer being implanted but being formed from her own body as they mate, this all unending, mating, breefing, swellign as the young grow and birth, so many times you loose track as more slaves are impressed...

Sutekh shuddershudders, moaning, her shrill cries of pleasure and consummation ringing through the chamber and exciting the workers, as the monster crawls over onto her, slowly, but with such deliberate intent. Groaning, shivering, still birthing egg after egg, then twin foxes every tenth egg or so, she reels beneath him, actually able to move enough, pushing up with her six legs to meet his thrust ... feeling him enter, and go ... deeper, than even -she- thought she was in this form, the sensations of acres of pleasure, flesh, rippling, clutching, wrapped so slick and wet around his organ ... her mind, her antennae now sprouting from her head, her mind reaching, touching his, begging, needing this but without the why, <<T'Taeeeeke ... Taeekkee ... m'my kinnnnnng!!>> Her massive ventral lips parting, gaping as they're teased apart by his docking ... Her head turns forward, accepting, receptive, wanton in this position, lowering herself back down for him, meter long cuntwalls nearly filled with his tentacle.

You whisper, "Sutekh smiles and groans, arching her back as she nods, ears flattened to her scalp <<H'Himmmm!!!>> she answers you, obviously now, crying as her nape fur lifts and settles ..." to Twan.

You whisper, "Sutekh groans and rumbles beneath you, her mind translating this into a 'marriage' of sorts, though the demon before this wouldn't have used such terms, except ironically ... Her moans, her flesh cleaves to you though, accepting you utterly, for she was born, was reborn, made by her masters, for this purpose ... cumming, horribly strong, around you even as she anticipates ... feelings ... she can't even imagine!" to Ambassador.

Twan shudders and whimpers, writhing a bit as she's mounted and births, clenching at the ground, struggling a little. Slowly, she becomes aware that she's no longer being implanted, but now truely mating with the insects, the thought shuddering through her. The ripple in the thought web catches her off guard, too, whining and writhing, shifting in the pleasure.

In a page-pose to you, Josh mmms... and can't wait to turn back this tide... and deal with Sutekh's 'betrayal'... ;)

Ambassador starts to mate his queen rapidly, each thrust sending a spike of pleasure across the net into each creature, reflected back in a shadow of each, scintillating sparkles of pleasure within the hive's mindspace... lacing all the pleasure of mating and birthing into a solid crystal of ecstasy, the overmind created in this union even as the second wave of young is kindled thereby...

Sutekh seethes, panting quickly, arching her back a she whines and couples, losing words, losing concepts in favor of conception, her mind shrieking, screaming through the overmind like a phoenix, but one always shadowed, coupled by her new master, her -*KING*-, her body trying to answer newness with newness, never having before, ... ovulated in this form, crying, crying sweetly now as the wet-slithery friction makes her walls flutter, meter upon meter answering .... She's not even certain -what- womb chamber he's found, but he -has- to be in one, as she can no longer feel his tip at the end of each thrust. Each spasming, crashing orgasm, each climax ... -his- queen, -HIS- queen, echoing though her mind, her phoenix psyche looping, diving even as its caught and coupled, mirroring her physical pleasure, her physical state, being, becoming the hive .... <<Ohhh!!>> no names, other than master, king, mate ... so basic, so fundamental as her ovaries finally quiver, on the verge of making themselves known.<<Hundreds?!>>

Twan shudders and twitches, her senses overwhelmed by the feel of the king and queen in rapture together. Shuddering, whimpering, her body ripples in pleasure as she feels the tied sensations rippling. Her own birthings, constant and regular, seem pale in comparison to the joining going on, though just as important for the security of the hive.

You whisper, "Sutekh smiles and pets softly with her antennae ... <<Donnae worry ... we'll take care of you too, dearheart .. >>" to Twan.

King's powerful wings flutter out as he copulates, so many follicles ready to burst within his queen... a second (?!) inseminator flipping into the queen, then a third, reaching in to fill still empty birthing-chambers within her, denying her yet that release as more ova develop, ready to release at his command. Twan's metamorphosis continues, a second set of legs sprouting from her as her body continues to lengthen... below her chest a second send of folds develops, invaginating, the internal alterations going further indeed.

Females' Sensations --> ( As this continues you can feel more of the reason for the mindnet... it not only directs and coordinates.. it also feeds, a conduit for the energies needed to support the growth within you, making this possible as the workers gather sustenance. )

Sutekh whimperwhines, feeling, feeling, her first -thousandmark- pass through her ovipositor as she couples, whining softly. Ovens, ovens slick and wider than a full grown scaranth flutter inside her, waiting even as she cries, feeling, feeling her ovaries, four hundred all told, shivering, harmonizing with their internal warmth, their need to release. Six hindpaws tense in the slickening mass beneath her, claws raking the soft 'bed' her body's excretions begin to form for her. Her throne. She chatters, crying as the giant beetle seems to widen her already voluminous sex wider, deeper, feeling the imminence of her release ... the triad of massive lengths roping, thrusting now inside her even as "Nnnhh!!" *pant* the small ambassader clasping her front begins driving its seed into her, mandibles brushing, teasing her soft quartet of now lactating breasts ... Yet another source of her own royal jelly. She squirms, loving her king and master, clutching, begging with soft and then tense grips of her walls,for his hilt!

Look Me
(ooOOoo ooOOoo

Sutekh's form, if it can truly be said that she even is that entity anymore. The front torso, although slightly larger than before, does resemble Sutekh's feminine golden jackalesque guise, only much hotter, muzzle barely forming coherent sounds as she pants and looks around, confused, terribly confused one moment, then moaning as she descends into another wave of heavenly pleasure, feeling her body ripple, fulfilling its new purpose for her new masters. Shadowing her softly furred, narrow muzzle, though, are two shiny black, metallic antennae, rising a foot each before bending sharply, twitching excitedly as she climaxes and whimpers.

At where her midriff would normally branch out into her thighs, she goes almost 'taur, but does have a very wet, softly dripping jackalstripe of trimmed pubic fur accentuating a nice, warm cunny at the juncture of her forelegs. Straddling, though, her lower form as it arches back and away from her, are two more sets of hind legs, though they lay restless, knees tucked up alongside her back half, not even trying to support the massive weight of her abdomen.

Which brings you to the -rest- of her, her pulsing, gigantic abdomen, ribbed and segmented with a pale white flesh on the underside, softly furred with striations of reddish brown at the borders of her chitin about halfway around the 10' around girth. Its dorsal flesh is armored in a beautiful gold and black whorled set of metallic plates that cover her back for the nearly 100' feet of reproductive tracts, wombs, egg chambers that her abdomen forms. For those who can see from a height, toward her foretorso, on the downslope where it joins the more tauroid form of her body, there is a wide rent in her armor, a patch about a foot wide and three feet long of soft, nestled black thatch, the middle of which yawns an overly long secondary cunny, where ambassadors 'dock' with her to make sure her chemical and genetic makeup remains mostly Scaranth.

The very end of her abdomen features two strange apparatus. A giant, elongated tube right at the tip, that pours a steady trail of viscous material that slickens her, as she writhes, for the cantaloupe sized, translucent eggs that recede from it every other minute or so, collected by her attendant workers. About three feet forward, beneath her swollen, soft flesh, and on either side of her body, another form of 'sex' opens slightly, each parting on a much less frequent rhythm to expel with an outpouring of scented pleasure juices, a more morphic pupae, also clutched and carried off to the honeycomb to develop into spies and agents.

ooOOoo ooOOoo)

Twan shudders and arches as she feels her new legs extending, touching the ground. Shuddering, she whimpers, drawing her arms back against her. Panting, she shivers, looking down a bit, then back. Slowly, she pushes herself up, trembling a little as she continues to birth, her stance uneasy at first. Looking over, she pants a bit, whimpering, before glancing down to notice another set of folds between her new legs.

King reaches his climax, every creature in the hive stopping, freezing for that eternal moment as each creature cums in a timeless instant as his tentacled shafts pull Sutekh bodily against his lower abdomen. Twan is released, her body now able to be mated even as her children grow and are ready for birthing... in fact a male comes and couples with her immediately, his mandibles milking her nipples.

King whispers, "King fills you with his seed, so much of it, like it's own kind of Royal Jelly... it completes you, the final triggers the final steps as you release, every egg from these so many matings bursting from you in one single spasm of creation." to you.

Sutekh moans, muzzle agape, eyes tight as her arms reach, clutching the scaranth ambassador before her to her torso as she's lifted, tugged, joined painfully tight to her master, feeling the beginning of his climax, the burning heat through the inseminator's urethras, as if through miles of her insides before finally, with the force of three firehoses, coating her, filling her, gelling inside her even as her organs clench, twisting, her babies coming forth with small gushes of orgasmic cream mingled with the amniotic fluids ... "Aaaiiiieee!!!!!" crying aloud, hope beyond hope, eyes rolling, flaring open as her paws go limp in the ultimate of ecstasies, joined, impregnated ... This, this is -real- ... the others, the others seem naught but preludes ... foreshadowing as she feels her eggs fall, like milt, a torrent of eggs so thick as to seem almost liquid itself, but floating, soft and heavily, atop the growing flood inside her body! <<Yyessss!!!!>> "Yessss!!!" *pant* "Ohh ... Ohh T'Twahnnn!!! He's .. c'cominnng!!!"

Twan shudders, tensing and groaning as she needs no-one to tell her the climax has arrived, feeling it ever so powerfully through the web. Panting a little as slowly her senses return, almost painfully slow. Blinking, she gasps, and grabs the male that comes to greet her, groaning and arching as she feels him penetrate her quickly, body trembling and whimpering, now reflex and instinct having her cling to him, to hold him against her, shuddering in wanted pleasure.

King (OOC) says, "Folks... My creativity is nearing the limits..."

In a page-pose to you, Josh mmmms softly, floating in the aether above you, immaterial, watching don, a slow smirk upon his face...

Twan (OOC) *noddles*

Sutekh (OOC) *noddles too ... smiling .... just finish it off with a fade to black, hinting at 'business as usual' throughout the coming night cycle :>

You whisper, "Sutekh thanks you so -terribly- strongly! "I can't thank you enough! It ... good gods that was hot!"" to King.

King (OOC) says, "I'll make the final pose then... Hold on."

You page-pose, "Sutekh noses, King making the final pose as creativity wraps up ... and the final climax hit us all :>" to Josh

( An eternity of this, a new hive built from you, nobles, it's hub, the extacies and joys as it grows with thr fruits of your mating, evrything, stripped down to primal being of lust and procreation. )