Psyche and Sedrick (4/06)

Sedrick curls his strong arms around you and pulls you against his front to spoon comfortably against his firm, muscled body. He laps your ear once and rumbles.

Psyche blushes, yipping a little, twisting her head around to slup at your cheekfur, then nestles back against your rugged frame.

Sedrick runs his hands down your sides to feel along your flared, wide hips, panting at them and letting his hot breath rush over your ears. He squeezes them briefly and rrrrs.

Psyche guffs, trembles, barksqueaking softly.

Sedrick grins and lowers his head, so he can treat the side of your neck like a chewtoy, masticating and drooling on it with warm, brotherly chews.

Psyche growlrumbles softly, arching her head to the side, whimpering after a moment, "Oh, ohdear, oh mother would kill you for this, Cynthia would k'kill me!"

Sedrick mmmmmms and pulls on your skin briefly, before bringing his nose to your cheek, snuffing deeply. "Then we'll just not tell them," he says and you can feel his big, strong hands reaching up to cup your breasts from beneath, lifting those luscious tits and pushing them together with a possessive, warm grasping motion.

Psyche moans softly, ears burning with shame, with pleasure as she lids her eyes again, "Oh ... Oh Sedrick, nasty, naughty dog ... They'll smell you all over me ... " she tenses, "We haven't slept together in the same bed since I was eight!" she whines a little, then quiets, her paws reaching back for your hips gently, rocking. "Gods, I should c'call Cynthia ... this is getting me horny."

Sedrick growls in a low, rumbling rrrrr, a baratone noise that reverberates from his chest and into your body from behind. His hips are held in his denim knee-length shorts, but the mass of his fat canine sheath and heavy dark balls.. much bigger than they were when you remember them at eight.. weighing heavily, like a five pound package of flesh draped over your ass, from within his loose shorts. "Mmm, c'mon, sis.. I'm soo fucking hot.. my bitch is on the rag and she's cuttin' me off for now," he says, rolling and kneading your healthy tits in his palms to distract you from your thoughts of that stuck-up, lesbian, male-hating lover that you've taken up with.

Psyche listens to your sounds, bestial, saying more without words than not as she flares her eyes, then closes them again. She ... let Cynthia off the hook after watching you screw the bunny silly. Since then they haven't exactly 'clicked' the same even ... whether by guilty conscience or just 'growing apart'. Then again, morning sickness may have played a part too, she thinks. She tenses when those balls rub against her, part of her stiffening when you mash and rub them against her. They couldn't be -that- big, could they? She gasps for air, shivering, looking back over her shoulder with all the primitive wantonness of our forerrunners. "S'serves you r'right ... for calling her a bitch, and t'talking about her that way ... and cheating on h'her." She growls, too horny to sound really self righteous, ears burning as she faces forward though, letting you knead and molest her, panting harder, "You're a g'good brother, Sedrick, the b'best, but a b'bad, bad do'doggie!"

Sedrick releases your tits after a moment, listening to you stammer and mull over your words, while his hands roll down your belly, over your abdomen, feeling you through your clothes (if present) and cupping your hips once more, such wide, hungry hips, sending a primitive call to his viril loins. He rumbles into your ear, his voice deep, with a bass, soothing quality, much like that of father when growing up.. and it's obvious father was a remarkable specimin, if Sedrick has inhereted even a bit of his features. "Aww, c'mon.. you've met her.. you know what a mean bitch she can be," he says, one of his hands retreating to unzip his shorts, unbuttoning them, and peeling down his sweat-soaked underwear to drape the fat, heavy mass of his package across the curve of your rump, as if the bare, scalding heat of that huge, musky sheath, half of a veiny dog penis walking up your lower back, with the drape of a heavy, well filled, black scrotum plopping against your hide.

Psyche yelps, only wearing her favorite miniskirt and a blouse and slender vest ... no panties, none since watching her girlfriend practically sue to become your puppymill. She tenses, nodding, "Y'yes, I ... I dunno what you s'see in her ... I mean, she's built, she's pretty ... " She pants faster, arching her back, shuddering when your prize nestles up against her, crowding the space in your lap and smearing your oils and musks right into the small of her back, her tail stiffening against your thigh. "Oh, ohmy ... you're bigger ... when I s'saw ... " she gasps, closing her muzzle with a click as she earblushes, nostrils flaring a little, her estrus already laving the edge of your sac as she tries to adjust to 'sit' more easily."

Sedrick rrrrs, GRINDING his hips, sending his sheath smearing a path up along your miniskirt, the HOT point of his tapered rottweiler penis touching the small of your back and searing the bare fur with the heat of his body and pheremones soaking in to the skin. He rumbles, "She's a great piece of ass most of the time," he confides, reaching down and curling his fingers into the hem of your skirt, pulling them up his sister's supple, muscled thighs with a deliberate ease and slowness, struggling a little to pull the miniskirt material up the hot, round curve of your healthy butt, until it does, letting those buns wobble back into place, as naked as the day they were born, his balls pressing against the cleft as you settle back, and he almost snarls in a silent whisper in your ear. "You saw what?"

Psyche whines a little, "I saw ... I saw you and ... and Cynthia ... " she admits, not wanting to, but at the same time, exacting a sharp little thrill at the terror saying it reveals. It was over a month ago, so obviously she hasn't told anyone else, but by now, its probably a moot point. She twists her head around, slupping at her muzzle, "I saw you fucked her, without even using a c'condom ... She -doesn't- use birth control ... " she growls a little, "She never -had- to ... " accusing, but still whispering, rocking back and lifting a little, the edge of her slit, just the base of it, rubbing against the curve of your testicles, smearing her own estrus against her brother's sac, trembling as she arches her back, both forepaws lifting high over her head, wrists together, streching. "That ... that all you think about? A'ass?" She tenses, whining, and you feel her trembling, so ... so close, on the verge of orgasm, despite the chiding tone she's trying to use on you."

Sedrick looks unapologetic.. perhaps mounting your frustration, conquering it, as his dick flops around over your bottom, spreading and smearing precum across your supple buns and feeling his balls coated in your scalding heat. He leans forward as you stretch, half closing his eyes, half staring you down as you turn your head to scold him and then turn away. His hand comes up, a fist taking your hair, pulling your head back gently to complete the powerful arch of your back and force that luscious ass to PRESS back against your brother's hot rottweiler package. Lancing arcs of drizzling precum now land in long, slow patters over swollen buttocks, feeling like the full-bore ejaculation of other men.. god, what a specimin. He growls, "Mmmm, you know how many lesbians I've laid while they're in heat..? They're so vulnerable... I give them the times of their lives, and you hate me for it," he says, and you can feel the bare, scortching flesh of his exposed, unsheath dick sliding down the crack of your ass and slapping against the petals of your cunt with a sudden fall, the tappered tip kissing the mouth of your inner labia. He growls, "And you're a lesbian I can smell the heat on... look at you.. fuck, you've got the best ass, sis," he snarls into your ear."

Psyche squeaks, flinching as she bows her back for you, shivering, feeling that slime, that slippery essence hot against her pelt, her own body trying to respond, even part of her luridly lamenting the loss of such potency against her flesh. Her pelt crawls with the tingly arousal flowing across it, listening to you, panting, "I don't h'hate you, but they, they could have been bred ... You could have given them f'fucking -puppies- Sedrick!" she raises her voice a little, but then whines softly, not wanting, not wanting to be angry at you, not for all the world as you tease your tip against her folds, the scalding flesh yielding against the point, spreading in a gushy kiss before she stifles a barksqueak, then ... slowly, softly, lets her folds feel back down around that cocktip, "That's, that's not my ass you're in ... oh ... ohgods, its, ohfuck, don't you dare, get a f'fucking rubber at least ... " She grinds back, popping the full arrowtip into her snatch though, amazed at how easily it goes into her!"

Sedrick grrrrowls with a powerful, broad canine grin behind you, teeth bared, huge and strong, while he holds his grip on his sister's hair and grinds his strong hips in a slow circle, teasing his fat, pointed tip along the mouth of your sopping wet vagina, groaning softly. "They never complained, sis," he says with a rumble, and patently ignores your plea for a rubber, or your demand, or your grasp at some semblence of control in the situation, where your body is screaming for something carnal and your intellectual mind is revolting in a losing battle. He suddenly starts to hunch his hips forward, letting the stimulation activate the muscles that control his pelvis and drive his dick forward, completely of his sheath, starting to sink inch after agonizing inch into his sister's slick, receptive pussy, openning up for him willingly in a way that's just deliciously wrong. "Ahhh.." he huffs, moaning, that cock sinking in the rest of the way, all of a huge, heavy slab of dog meat colliding with your cervix and ejaculating stream after stream of runny dog pre-semen against that hot barrier, with the bulge of his distinctly canine shaft pressing to your g-spot, while his huge nuts clap upward over your lower belly, and his pelvis collides against your jiggling ass. Your brother's cock pulses like an animal, bare flesh sinking against flesh, not a single millimeter of protection standing between the loaded gun fed by a pair of unbelievably fat dog nuts.

Psyche cums, and, for the first time for her brother, ovulates from the physical stimulation of her brother's cock finding its home inside her. She cries out, snarling, baring her teeth, giving you her own orgasm as ripple after ripple consumes her brother's flesh, greedily milking, jarringly tight muscle crawling to pull each heavy pulse through your cock. She earpins, folding tight against her nape as her mane lifts like a furred mohawk, her breasts all jostling, nipples hardening, even along the caps of her 'vestigial' teats, her black clit distended from the fullness, the splay of her yoni around your shaft, "Ohfuck, ohyess!!" she whines, nostrils flaring again, remembering, reliving, in first person, this time, the pleasure she saw, she felt her ex-girlfriend get from your seduction. She thumps her head back a little, against your fist, slupping at the air as her hips strain a little, rocking, pressing back to grind against your sheath as that arrowtip wedges into the spongy embrace of her cervix.

Sedrick feels it, his sister's orgasm, giving him the intoxicating thrill of control that he drinks up like an addict. He holds himself there for several long moments, letting your convulsive muscles milk the orgasm from his loins, feeling the long, slow drizzles of pre-ejaculate slathering your womb from where the tip of his dick penetrates the tight heat of it's entrance. He snarls back, low and heavy, and for once, the words you spoke earlier come into stark focus and clarity. You can't blame Cynthia for wanting this. You can't blame any girl for wanting this. The nasty, unfettered heat of getting pounded by a viril male like this, barebacked while in the throes of estrus, sending weakening melting sensations through your belly with every pulse he makes inside you. He snarls against your ear, letting your head go, letting it slump forward, patters of drool from his long tongue hitting your back as he growls, "Yess," he replies with a low rumble, and starting to draw back, dick slurping against the pouty, stretched folds of your pussy, and sinking back in with a healthy pap, heralding the beginning of a heavy, lingering rutt, your own brother bouncing your sexy, wobbly ass off of his pounding crotch, balls clapping to your lower belly loudly. No wonder Cynthia turned lesbian. No bunny penis could come close to this.

Psyche lurches forward, trying to find something to brace her forepaws against, her thighs clenching around your hips only loosely from sitting in your lap as your thrusts become more intense, throwing her off balance. As she cums again, her ovaries cinch within her, like coiled springs, releasing again as wave after wave of warmth radiates from her core to all her extremities, each orgasm somehow more intense as her mind slowly succumbs to what her body is already in full accordance with. That its her brother only strengthens the bonds, the yearning of flesh, countering the taboo of incest with rebellion, reckless abandon, whining out when your balls smack against her belly, her eyes taking in their wrecking ball motions against her spasming tummy. She thinks you've already cum, and cries sweetly that you're still pleasuring her, fucking her, fucking back with growing intensity, even her largest toys feeling -nothing- like this as she yields around your flesh, your lust, your wicked puppymaker, "Y'yess!"

Sedrick rises up, pushing you against the wall before you until your shoulders brace you there and prompting your hands to cling to the wall. With his feet gaining traction on the floor, he resumes the intense, pounding rhythm, your apartment filling with the rapid, rhythmic SMACK SMACK CLAP SMACK of flesh on flesh at a rapid, energetic pace, leaving a bruised warming sensation spreading over your thick, healthy ass, and including your belly, pummeled by the swinging flop of those lewd, fat, near-hairless black nuts, brimming with young, adult sperm, millions of them, aching for a chance to release. The violent pistoning of that uniquely curved dog dick does it's work, softening your cervix with repeated collisions that send trembles up your womb, shaking fresh, ripe, vulnerable eggs loose, walls already primed and basted with the pre-semen that drizzles from this convulsing pisshole with unreal volume. Like a true dog, his shaft is becoming misshapen, swelling in the middle, making it even thicker, nastier to feel sawing through your body in a blur of rapid motion, with his strokes shallow, and the vestigial forms of a knot starting to form toward the base inside you, adding further intensity to the bestial friction and constant pressure on your vagina's ventral wall. He rrrrs into your ear, body heat intense, up close, growls sharp and powerful.. "Rrr FUCK you feel so fuckin' good, sis.. yesssss," he snarls, "G-gonna take back all those nasty things you said about your brother?"

Psyche whines, nipples achingly hard, her face mashed, cheekwise against the wall as she crouches against it, chuffing, panting quickly, one eye peeking at you over her shoulder as she takes you, quivering, responding with each new, to her, unique, event unfolding in her folds, her sleeve gripping, regripping, trying to gain purchase on the new shapes as the gouts of precum seem to infect her body with a voracious need for something more, her pH shot to hell and back as your precum turns her womb, her sex, even the lips of her petals within the boat of her sex into a safe haven for her brother's wriggling seed, shuddering as she listens to your words, both body and voice stoking her fires as she
whines, "Fu'fuck me, ohgods, get me, don't let me go ... get me! She whines again, tucking her head forward, then back again as she jostles as she cums again, ovulating hard this time, "Everything! Ohgods, oh brother, Sedrick, I love ... love you!!" she stiffens, pleading, her tail taut against her spine now!"

Sedrick's not far to go before your body pulls out the inevitable from him, his swinging nuts pummelling home, slapping wetly as your fluids dribble down and make a mess on the carpet, and they start to tighten, drawing up, closer to the point where they'll release their potent, incestuous contents. His knot is swollen, huge, growing to the size of a very large fist, now completely crowding your inner organs and locking the tip of his dick where it belongs, bare-fleshed, unprotected, dribbling straight past your cervix and soaking into your womb, greasing the way for his seed to come. He leans over your body, sweat dripping off of his gleaming muscles and fur and his hands coming forward, grasping yours, fingers pushing between yours and holding you in an embrace that's as passionate as the fucking is raw and nasty. He's locked. Completely, with that fat knot that you've never seen before, that knot that was hidden inside your former lesbian lover, giving her those mind-blowing feelings that you're now coming to terms with, and the familiar voice of your brother growls into your ear, groaning, "Rrrrrfuck.. ohh sis.. I love you so much," he rumbles out in a low, groaning voice. That's when it starts to happen. The POWERFUL, bucking pulses of his deformed, disgustingly swollen dog shaft starts to send powerful ripples up your lower belly, utterly strong, his pelvis GRINDING against your hindquarters, balls pressed tightly to your lower belly, as the first, scalding hot stream of raw, fertile sperm lances forth in a noisy, lingering gush, like a dog pissing a line of cum, hosing the walls of your womb with millions of wriggling, dangerous, incestuous sperm.

Psyche arches, part of you, your sister joined fully for the first time, a piece of you returned, or you're a piece of her, yearning to become one again. Philosophy 101 melts under the assault of pleasure though, her body doing what it was made to do, taking the pleasure and triggering her release, her conditioning in favor of procreating, the pleasure becoming bound in the act, the need to feel this good, this intensely wonderful, lustful, sometime again in the future. Straining walls collide and pull that gout as she nestles back against your crotch, that knot not allowing for much but the closeness already achieved. Cuntal spasms, peristalsis, rippling fingers all pull, tease, coax, damning her further into the role you've chosen for her, before you even lifted her skirt. She gasps, forgetting even that faint notion of taking something tomorrow to prevent this from ... from taking, using every rationale her fevered mind can dream up to prevent that as your prize is rightfully claimed, survival of the fittest, healthiest specimens, even crossing strict taboos, species lines, family boundaries ... She whines, helping you, knowingly helping you put your puppies in her womb, knowing ... the fact that you've probably bred a dozen or more other females, -bred- them, only making her subconscious choice that much more impossible to resist as she revels in your strength and power.

Sedrick leans forward slowly, pressing you against the wall with a comforting, dominating warmth, his power undeniable, his act a fact of life, his huffing breath warm against your neck, his jaws closing around the side of your neck with a warm, passionately squeeze as his fingers grasp the backs of your palms even more tightly. His orgasm is lingering, long and drawn out as your pussy gulps and swallows every hot pulse that sprays out, each stream lasting for several beautifully long seconds, ejaculating millions of sperm into his sister's vulnerable uterus. Millions of wiggling, puppymaking sperm swamping your released eggs, breeding the first cells that will make the most beautiful, strong, healthy puppies in your womb, sealing the biological bond with your brother. He snarls into your neck, hips giving furtive little bucks, amidst the hot, straining release. You may be able to lie and come up with excuses.. but what will Cynthia tell her friends and parents when dark, strong rottweiler puppies come crawling out of her pristine, beautiful white furred bunny tummy.