Tik and Sutekh - (6/05)

Tik has arrived.

Sutekh finds herself settling, with you in her lap, shirt now very much untucked from your pants, back into the luxury of the pillows at the head of her bed, her arms holding you possessively as she lickwashes again at your cheek. The temperature is a bit warmer here than the barn, but not so much that it would dry you out or make you overly sleepy. Also, as we materialize, the door to chamber opens, catching one's eye, just as two male completely nude fire foxes, red-pandas, slip out of the room, the chains at their ankles, while gold, making soft rattling sounds.

Tik shivers, slitted nostrils parting a tiny bit as he takes in the soft mélange of both creatures' scents. His head nods slowly, dark eyes watching with a hint of curiosity. His expression certainly changes, however, once they both materialize somewhere clearly different! His eyes begin to glance at the room, but his attention is quickly captivated by the warm licking upon his cheek. A distinct shiver is felt beneath the salamander's sleek skin, leaning a bit more closely. From the corner of his eye he can see the two others approaching, but keeps focused upon you. "Wow.. that.. is surely something." he whispers, still finding his arms loosely about your soft body.

Sutekh smiles, nodding, leaning back to arch beneath you, slipping her knees up to rub against your sides as she enfolds her thighs around your waist, knuckles working gently alongside your cheek as she nods to the two males, sending them to their corners to await any instructions, any commands ... whether from mistress or guest, its uncertain, but their silence and obediance seems absolute in this place. She chuckles, "Oh, there's more, or there can be ... I don't like to show off, expend magical energy without good cause though, my pretty 'mander, but I think you're worth it." She reaches and curls her fingers around the collar of your tee, twisting the fabric taut for a second as she murmurs, "May I?" Then, without waiting for your answer, your shirt begins to dissolve, unraveling first, each thread chased by a tiny cool ember of blue-white fire.

Tik hesitantly begins to nod his head in reply to the question, but before he begins the motion, he feels the threads of fabric begin to dissolve right atop his chest! With wide eyes, he blinks, watching with sheer amazement. "O..oh my.." he whispers out. With the shirt gone, it exposes a quite smooth looking chest. The salamander clearly rather slender beneath the fabric. He looks up into your eyes, cheeks still showing hints of his blush. "Y..you.. do?" he asks, pressing the slight muscle of his legs towards the area of your knee. Sliding the smooth, slippery skin just briefly against fur.

Sutekh nods, softly, closing her eyes, "Its but a trifle, and such ... parlor tricks don't wear me out." She lurches forward, pressing her throat against your shoulder, soft fur brushing against sleek 'mander skin, nipples taut already from all the teasing she's been enjoying giving you, her teeth warm, exploring against your throat and shoulder, biting, holding on gently then releasing as she tucks her chin back, laughing, "Yes, yes I do, sleek and sexy ... smooth chested, just like a little girl, aren't we?" She reaches and brushes her knuckles softly over your chest, "Not overdeveloped like -some- I've met, not at all ... " she traces soft circles with blunt claws against where nipples would be on a mammal chuckling ... "I hope you're not quite as smooth ... below, as you are above? You ... wouldn't care to show me, would you, dearheart?"

Tik moves his hands upwards once you lurche forward, hands coming to grip softly behind you. One hand moves to cup along the soft feel of your nape, while the other upon the middle of your back. He holds you warmly to himself, a tiny, low little rumble. Almost a purr sneaking free from the smooth surface covering his throat. Rumbling just the tiniest bit against you, he nids, fingers beginning to drift, sliding down the your nape, trailing over the slight ridge of your spine. Indeed, his body is clean and smooth, not the slightest bit of fur (or much sight of muscle, for that matter!) upon his body. He leans, whispering carefully, warmth of his breath teasing at facefur. "I.. well.. you.. can look, if you really want to. There isn't much to see down there.." The last bit of his speech doesn't sound entirely convincing.. Perhaps knowing deep down that something just *might* be evident. Though he plays it off cleanly, leaning upwards to nip just carefully beneath your throat.

Sutekh whimpers softly, one paw down along your side, stroking your hip as you nip her, her breath gently playing along your cool, smooth surfaces, her mind half expecting to fog you like breathing on glass as she nuzzles and tucks her head, crown and ears gently pressed against your shoulder to look down along your front, paws behind you to play with your tailbase, feeling your rump carefully, and beneath, squeezing in a gently kneading rhythm. "Really? I was hoping ... " she trails off, "Well, at least I could get you in some lingerie of mine, black silk lace, with room for your tail ... " She inhales deeply, smiling at what she sees, "Of course, I know ways to make certain things ... smooth again, that is, if you don't mind risking ... spawning with me?"

Tik is a short, youthful looking salamander, reaching just a bit over 5' when fully standing. His appearance is quite like that of a very humanoid lizard, though where one might expect scales, at close it could be clearly be seen otherwise. Instead, the young, slender creature sports a soft, clearly sleek looking coat of skin. Large round eyes of dark ebony black peer out from the teal color of his hairless face, the teal color covering his face in entirety - and much of the rest of his body as well. Just a small bit lower, his snout comes to a somewhat wide rounded end, two slits of nostrils resting just above his mouth, where the tiniest bit of red could be seen if the lips were parted.

Tik wears a simple white tee, the clothing hanging a bit loosely upon the salamander's slim frame. The sleeves end just a small bit above his shoulders, where the slick skinned arms show once more. Along the top, the teal color shows with several splotches of a darker blue, while the underside of each arm is a much more faded color, much more close to a simple white. His hands each end in four nailless, clawless fingers. The shirt shields his chest for the most part, and the long, dark black pants in turn hide his lower extremities, though two humanoid feet peek from the low-hanging cuffs. Each foot is without covering, and each of five blue colored toes are clawless, similarly to his hands.

Finishing off Tik, from behind one could see the rather long, sleek tail emerging from an obviously self-cut hole near the rim of his pants. Rather wide at the base, the long tail droops down loosely from the hole, showing a vibrant splash of blue. The top a bit more light colored, with darker spashes placed here and there in no particular pattern, while the underside is completely colored in the much lighter, near-white tint.

Tik's tail twitches, squirming a tiny bit from behind him as paws move, exploring the sleek body. Clearly not entirely accustomed to the touch, the sensations cause him to squirm a small bit among the soft pillows, and against your warmth. Her tail sqays, pressing lightly against your parm as the paw explores his tailbase. He simply nods slowly, eyes lidding about halfway, enjoying the shared embrace. His fingers trail carefully alng the smooth fur along your back, hesitating and halting before they get too much near the tailbase. Though where they stop, they just drift to the side, soft, sleek fingers feeling your your warm hip. His eyes creep open once more, curious at your thoughts. "I.. err.. lingere?" He blinks, looking upward. "Black lace? Isn't that for.. well.. you know.. Girls?" He asks, perhaps sounding a bit more curious than he really should be. >.> He inhales, tasting your sweet scent - the sensation coaxing his own slightly more musky scent.. "S..spawning? You mean.. But.. I.." He blinks, body still ashiver. "You would.. want that?" he asks, timidly.

Sutekh smiles, nodding softly, "Would it alarm you to know I ... I ovulate when I ... get excited? That I can lay eggs in a pool instead of give live birth, by the thousand if they're ... " she giggles, shaking her head, "Too much, too fast perhaps, but yes, I would ... I think its ... particularly fun ... " she gropes your rump at that, casting the same spell as before, burning through the threads of your pants, the paw shaped hole where she now gropes you, firmly, spreading as it 'eats' the clothing remaining on your body, underwear or no. "Yes, its for girls, like me ... and like ... you." she chuckles, "Sexy girl, with boy parts, maybe, but you're female inside, aren't you?" She nuzzles licking at your face, "You've had ... boys ... deep inside you before, haven't you? Or at least dreamed of it, having them up your tail, but dreaming of them calling you a 'good girl', while they pumped their silk up under your tail, as if breeding their girlfriend? Sister? Daughter?" She murmurs sexily, heart fluttering.

Tik listens, inky black eyes focusing upon you as you speak, though listening silently. The very next sound from the small salamander is a quiet squeak, coaxed by the sudden feel of warm fur upon the sleek feel of his rump! He can feel the warm air begin to surround the area. He shudders, cheeks tinted, yet still holding closely to you. It isn't long before the last thread of his clothing has been dematerialized, leaving him completely nude beneath you. Revealed beneath, however, is simply a rather discrete slit between the legs. Clearly not feminine - but protecting whatever may be within. And what's worse, all teh teasing seems to've coaxed the lips a tad puffy - the tiiiiniest of crimson flesh seen within at close glance. "I'm.. I'm not a girl!" He comments, shaking his head, but not very convincingly. His own tongue creeps out, teasing lightly at your own. "I guess I'm just a little.. err.." His blush deepens.. "S...sometimes.." he whispers..

Sutekh smiles, not unkindly as she listens to you, as she feels your warmth ... her paw releasing your ass to tickle lightly around your hip to the front, between us as she whispers, "I know, I can sense things, and I can make things happen ... " she slips her finger softly against your inner thighs, rubbing then upward across your lips as she closes her eyes, "And what am ... I? Who am I, in your fantasies, pretty 'mander girl?" she looks up again, putting more pressure against that wet crimson emergence with her knuckle, just stroking with her fur though, relaxing her thighs just a little, "You don't have to be a girl, to feel like one, to ... enjoy a male, or a female as one ... " She pulls her paw away, reluctantly and relaxes just enough to pull her paw over and beneath the pillow pile, sliding them out after a moment, revealing not just a pair of panties, as advertised, but a little bra of the same material, matching patterns, glistening in the light now, black, but scintillating as if with an oily sheen.

Tik's deep black eyes turn away for just a moment, reluctantly tearing away from your eyes to watch your paw disappear between the warm pile of pillows. As they emerge, he examines the black, shiny textures of the clothing procured from beneath the pile. His sleek fingers reach out, grasping the smooth, shiny fabric of the clothing, imagining just what feel they might have once worn. The presence of the paw tickling at the surface of his hips, then at his thigh causes a rather high pitched squeak, the warm slippery body shifting a bit beneath you. The arms holding your to his body tremble a bit. "D..do you think.. they would look okay?" He timidly asks, letting the shiny black fabric dangle between his fingers, feeling them out. He shudders, mind clearly racing with different sensations, conflicting thoughts..

Sutekh nods, purrgrowling in her chest as she pants, watching your indecision, knowing all you need is coaxing, teasing into it. No mean paw forcing necessary, not this time. She murmurs, "You're already pretty, 'mander, but I think you'll look sexier in these ... I know, because I have ... " she laughs softly, "Just imagine, wearing my panties, me in heat, leaving my scent in them, subtle, but there ... now, rubbing against your -own- crotch." She slips her knees down, sitting up and sliding back a little, "Here ... they 'tie' like a bow in back, to allow your tail ... step into them like this, here, give me your hindpaw, dear." She watches you carefully, then adds, "Once you've ... mated with me ... you should be able to relax enough to be indistinguishable from a girl in every sense. Maybe even enough to fool one of my slaves here ... They're very affectionate with a poor girl in heat, but -aren't- allowed inside their mistress. If you -smelled- like me though ... " She watches you, your thoughts especially

Tik lets the fabric fall from his sleek fingertips, grabbed once more by your own. The comments, the thoughts begin to eat away at his timidness, the salamander even letting out a quiet giggle. His mind begins to consider the possibilities- or even just how things might look if he were to try. And at that, he lets a slow nod sneak free. Obediently, he extends his leg a bit, stepping into the black panties with your assistance. Clearly, the salamander hasn't had much experience with the clothing, watching as you explain, his tail flicking a bit to the side, out of the way. "Y..you mean, these are your own?" His expression grows a b
it concerned at taking another's clothing.. but.. the feeling seems to pass after a moment. "They're very pretty.. Really.. really nice.." he whispers, clearly overwhelmed! "They even.. smell really nice."

Sutekh smiles, closing her eyes, "The sex of an Empress, rosewater and sandalwood, lavender and ... estrus." She purrs, reaching around to hug you again, though, with what her fingers are doing back there, she must be tying the bow above the base of your tail. Her breasts brush against your chest again as she humms softly, "The top, luckily, has shoulder straps ... " she grins, "And a minor enchantment besides, to ... um ... help?" She slips the bra on, black silken soft, the rosettes and patterns glowing briefly as they warm your chest, sticking to it as if drawn ... and though you still -look- smooth, you feel ... sensitive there, subtle sensations of weight, belonging to you, and ticklish, sensitive circles beneath the sleek fabric. She watches you again, smiling, "How's that feel, daughter? Sexy, love? Princess, heiress to an empire, with a hundred or more courtiers waiting for me to betroth you to them?" She growls, teasing, as if threatening to do just that, her paw cupping the front of your panties.

Tik prrr's a quiet little rumble, his light grip loosening enough to allow the hands backward, tying the dangling black string near his tail. It sways while you attempt to fasten the fabric. Long, sleek appendage tickling at your wrist now and then. Once both the bra and panties are nicely in place, curious finger lift upwards, sliding just carefully down the surface of the bra. The sensations, the feeling simply amazes the small salamander. The sensations even startle the poor amphibian for just a moment - but that moment is soon broken by a slightly lean, the salamander placing a soft, nip-like kiss along your jawline. "It.. They.. feel wonder.. smell wonderful.." he whispers, leaning cosely, his fingers beginning to drift once more. This time, carefully following the curves along the side of your hip. Feeling, while holding closely. She grins, nuzzling at your neck at the threat! Especially coaxed by the warm, soft feel of your paw down there.. "Mmr.. Right now.. I feel like I could take them all on." His dark eyes peek up, looking to you in admiration.

Sutekh growls sexily, grinning, "That's my little girl, my precious darling 'mander!" she continues to rub, murmuring, "Yes, I think you could, but we'll get to that later, for now you need to help mommy, and help yourself ... 'fit' better, love." She reaches gently, fondling your faux breasts, the sensations carrying through the lingerie, translating to mammalian sensations you've never felt before. She shivers, suckling in the air a little as she bares her throat to your mouth, "Oh, pretty 'mander, each time you ... you 'take' them, you're going to have to leave behind your seed inside me." She nuzzles, panting faster, "Both to fool them, and also ... because I want it, daughter, and I can't just have anyone's sperm inside me, wriggling, seeking out my secrets, invading my ... my eggs *pant* ... so I'll take your boy'ness, just borrow it whenever you get hard, take it in a hug, nice soft hug, inside me ... " she watches you, still rubbing, her voice a soft, panted whisper.

Tik's throat rumbles, mingling into the air with the source of the sexy growls. Soft, tiny little moans seep free feom the salamander's parted lips, sensations swarming his senses that he'd never felt before. And it's quite clear from his expression that he's enjoying every moment. The sensations, especially mixed with that rubbing, coaxes the salamander a bit. Before long, the smooth, sleek nudging of the salamander's more masculine areas press against the surface of the black panties. "Aa..ah.." he whispers, trembling fingers now finding the base of your tail, curling along it's warmth and trailing down your leg, feeling out the nice surface. He parts his lips, but can't seem to find the words, instead clinging closely to you, the nudging of his boyparts clearly pressing, eager to please, to couple with his Empress.

Sutekh shivers, nuzzling, "Yes, that's it, dearheart ... take your dynasty from your Empress, Princess ... " she strokes her paw lightly over your face, knees once more rubbing softly against your hip as she opens her thighs, paw still pressing the fabric lovingly against your emergent shaft, pulling the edge of the panties back enough to reveal a little more, sliding her fingers around it, squeezing gently ... then sliding her paw to her own sex, parting her petals to show you where to go, pink flesh, soaked with her nectar, and scents of more than just jackal, but also salamander ... somehow, your own females' pheromones emerging from the well of her sex, "Here, claim your Empress, help her help you ... " She whispers, "Consecrate your role, your ... position ... my adopted daughter ...

Tik leans closely into your warmth, nuzzling carefully into the soft, warm fur of your neck. The brush of your knees against her hip coaxes another quick breath inward, reminding him of his duties. Once his tip becomes free from confines of the dark black fabric of the panties, the deep blue-green flesh of his tip is quite clearly shown. It isn't but a moment before it becomes smothered within the softness of your wandering paw before a bit more of his maleparts become visible, emerging from between spread lips. Breathing in, the delightful spice of scents shout to him to continue, to find the source. And with one hand resting upon the base of his penis, he helps press the smooth head towards the source of your warmth, the source of the warm, sweet moisture. Slowly, he begins to lean forward, help lean you backward into the pillows, then pressing quite carefully between the beautifully soaked lips, forcing them apart with the slippery tip.

Sutekh whispers, "Yes ... that's, that's it, couple, mate with your queen, breed her ... " she whispers, "Gods, my pretty 'mander, please, breed mother, mate her, fill her with ... " she reaches for your shoulders, tilting her head down to watch you sinking into her, pressing slowly into her, her heat surrounding, clutching, warm and eager, slippery and yielding, spasming gently with her heart, then fiercely when she cums, already -that- excited, "Gods, yess!!" hissing her pleasure as her thighs widen further, feeling her own panties brushing up against the underside of her tail as you get closer, "Oh love, yes, that's it ... claim me, princess!"

Tik moves slowly, hesitantly at first, as he helps carefully lean you backwards to the pillows, one arm still cradling you closely from behind as his tip presses inward, soon disappearing within your depths. As the tight, sudden spasms begin to start, the slamander wastes no time! He holds you closely, quickly thrusting the sleek shaft upward, piercing through the soft, shuddering flesh within. His shaft slides smoothly in quick, rhythmic strokes deep into your feminine opening. Right until the fabric from his own panties grind against yours, throbbing tip oozing squirts of precum, adding to the slippery feelings. He tightens his grip, nearly lost in the pleasure while his shaft disappears quickly into your folds, the salamander gasping out. "Nnhhhh... yesss... let.. your princess fill you.." he whispers, the words sparking a bit more vigor.

Sutekh flares her eyes, feeling you, hearing your words, pressing her chest up into yours, breasts brushing against your top, her flesh jostling, fur on her nape flaring as she watches you, feels you, wings flared out in a wide bowl once more around us as you thrust into her. She moans, "Yesss ... I will ... always w'will ... Oh ... Ohfuck, Ohgods, Yesss!!" she begins to flutter deep inside, her ovaries cowering in fear as her cervix dilates, opening the gateway to her womb. She holds there, as if shot for a second or two, the lewd, sweet sensations milking your shaft as she listens to the wet splash of your thighs, your hips smacking hers, her nectar, her heat making gossamer webs of estrus, heat, between your new panties and your new mother's sex, her body convulsing slightly as she begins to release her roe, dozens, hundreds of tiny eggs spilling into her womb as she loses herself, "F'for you!! For ... ohgods!! Please!!" sensing the sperm, alive, motile, within even the slightest spurt of precum you spend!

Tik holds you, as tightly and warmly as he can while still being gentle. The fabric of his new bra presses tightly against your own, much more full breast. Grinding with each sharp thrust forward, against the sensitive nubs of flesh. His mind completely lost in the sensations, he begins to thrust more eagerly, more ferraly. His lips part in quick, sharp gasps with each moment his sleek body grinds into the soft fur of your own. The quiet slap of his sleek hips meshing against your fur, wet slippery squelching sounds audible with each forward thrust. Arms hold you tightly to him, the final quick thrusts coming in much more forceful jerks, finally grinding forward with all his might, forcing his shaft deep within your depths, spilling warm, virile seed deep, deep inside. "nnnnhh! ..aah! M..mother.." he whimpers, fertile, internal organs beginning to drain.

Sutekh restrains her howl, wanting to, but needing to share, to be close, gasping as you crest her again, each stroke coaxing more eggs from her modified ovaries, shivering as she feels you release, your internal male parts sending the genes, the sperm she so desperately wants, fears, thrills at, up and into her, each launched shot splashing directly through her dilated barrier, into the infinitely fertile uterine walls beyond, her womb shivering, slowly absorbing your seed, your wrigglers into her center, her core, "Baby ... my baby ... " she croons, lickwashing your face, your shoulder, reaching to hold you to her, "Momma's here for you, momma's here, so warm, send it all into me, make me yours, love ... " she whispers, milking steadily still, glowing already as the first scouts already begin to quicken and darkle inside her. Her senses able to tell each moment of creation, helpless to stop you from 'winning', from filling her with your offspring, your young. "

Tik pants deeply, quickly, warm breath washing over your muzzle as he holds close, lost for breath. It soon becomes quite, quite obvious that the salamander hasn't had much release in quite some time. His shaft is completely out of sight, sleek, protective lips of his own body meshed right against yours, refusing to let even the tiniest drop of fluid drip free from your body. His orgasm comes in deep, constant splashes of fertile seed. Each and every splash forcing insistently into the protective opening of your cervix, seeking the eggs within. He clings, feeling the tongue upon his face and retaliating with his own, tongue lashing out at your jawline before finding your own, twining with the soft, warm moisture of your fleshy tongue.

Sutekh tenses, surprised, then eager, grateful for the utter surrender of pleasure, of sex, of release, succumbing to your own desire as she lowers what little guard she had previously, letting you fertilize far ... far more eggs than she'd planned for, orgasms matching, tongue finding, muzzle tilting to mesh with yours as you take her utterly, as you -fill- her with essence. She shudders, wondering at her own loss of control, deciding, when its time, to have you with her when she releases her eggs into the spawning pools ... but later, much later ... for now, she's yours, empress, mother, mate, conquest, holding in her delicious embrace, caught ... a 'good girl' ... herself.

Tik breathes out a slow, deep gasp, the violent splashes of fluid beginning to taper off, leaving insides considerably slippery. Slickened with the warm mixture of feminine fluids, and whatever of his slippery fluid managed to not quite make it within the tight cervix opening. He holds his mother.. his mate closely and tightly, body still shivering in pleasure. His tongue nudges, teasing at your own before pressing his muzzle forward in a soft kiss, taking your tongue and entrapping it within his warmth. He remains silent, simply relishing the warmth of the embrace.