Outcast, the Beginning, Part1 (Edited out paging, fixed some typos for flow purposes)


Outkast nods and leans back. Even tho he's sitting, he attempts a small bow. "As
you wish, m'lady. Lead the way."

You think of the distant teleport pattern dalqu, and the world around you changes!

Grand Hall

Heavy sandstone post and lintel construction support the side
galleries, apse, sanctuary and center hall of his chamber, making it a
strange mixture of the ancient and the gothic in appearance. In scale,
everything seems to be made for a race of giants, with the fluttering
hellish light from the massive braziers of this room barely reaching the
gloomy ceiling some 70' above. Polished black veined marble flooring gives
a chilly feel underfoot, and saps the heat from the braziers to the extant
that one might be eager to seek the contact of another body just to keep
The braziers, massive dish constructs upon 9' tall stands of twining
green copper dragons, burn ceaselessly with reddish flame in a manner that
exaggerated shadows are thrown by the thousands in a constant forest of
furtive motions.
The sanctuary hosts a broad dais of black marble upon which sits
Sutekh's throne of ebon and bloodstone carved in the manner of an
inhabited vine -birds, Celtic knotwork and oriental lotus works rising to
your vision then fading out in a constant cycle that resembles life
itself. Upon the dais, to the right of the throne, is a circle of
cushions, pillows, and other leisurely implements for those respected of
his court also expected to be 'decorative'. To the left of the throne, two
lesser thrones, the first of ivory, the second of bloodwood, are also
present ... the positions for Sutekh's consort and vizier respectively.
Exits from this room include a broad hallway to the west leading out
past the central courtyard and down to the city proper, a small
stairway on the southern side of the hall leading into a dark tunnel,
an iron fortified cherry-wood doorway behind the dais of the throne,
and the shadowy passages leading away from the northern galleries.

[ Obvious Exits: Hallway, Gallery, Door, Stairs ]
Outkast has arrived.

You pass beyond the thrones, down a short darkened entryway, passing into a lavish bedroom lit with purples and pale blue lights.


Carved from the mountainside around you, this chamber is a paradox of
seething weight and openess, with millions of tonnes of sandstone being held
up by a series of gothic arches that meet in spidery peaks dozens of meters
overhead, but at the same time, lacking any of the free standing columns that
one might expect from such architecture. One gets a feeling of being much
more exposed than one might like, actually, in this gold and silver lit hall.
Orbs of golden radiation and silvery will o' wisps, each about the size
of a fur's skull, fill the air overhead, making a shifting, mottled dance of
light that gives a feeling of being in a giant fish tank. Classical paintings,
sculptures, tapestries and rugs give a warmth to this room the grand hall
beyond fails to achieve, each painstakingly lifted from this realm and that,
stolen from art galleries and the private collections of furs whose souls
have become forfeit to the master of this realm.
Furniture, beyond the statuary, is sparse in this chamber, and save for
a massive marble slab desk with mahogany paneling and drawers and a clerk
style roll down top, and a massive, 20' x 20' four poster bed with purple
satin sheets and silk pillows, and a canopy that disappears into carved
branches that stem from the posters, bearded with moss and enshrined in
living wild grapevines, the room is open enough to allow for sensuous dancing
and aerial ballet for Sutekh's entertainment.
On the right hand side of the room as you enter, recessed slightly, you
spy a small archway, barely 6' tall, leading into Sutekh's library. Though
the massive bookshelves and treasure trove of knowledge is clearly visible
beyond, so are the magical glyphs carved into the stones of the portal,
protecting them from harm or theft.


[Obvious Exits: Library, Hallway ]

Outkast has arrived.

Outkast looks around, suitably impressed. "Wow...you know how to live. A suitable palace for a goddess."

Sutekh smiles, murmuring, "Empress ... empress ... My godhood is constantly in debate, and I haven't the time or patience to properly enforce the status ... " Sutekh nods, looking up, at the canopy, at the room's austere appointments for the grand scale of it's size ... and smiles, "I feel ... comfortable ... safe ... here ... "

Outkast smiles and nods. "Well, you'll always be my goddess." Man, he's smooth. Come to think of it, with his body structure he might not be a full orc. Outkast follows you and nods, looking up and up.

Sutekh gives a soft, gentle growl and smiles, dipping her head shyly as she earflicks a little, settling to her thigh, wings folded back, watching you ...

Outkast smiles and looks at you. He walks close and reaches down to pick you up, carrying you over to the bed. He sets you down and climbs in after you, straddling your hips. He leans close again, purposefully pressing his hot orc shaft against your sex lips. He kisses your again, hugging you close. "And now, my Goddess, shall this lowly orc fill you with pleasure?"
<<Outkast just read your cinfo!>>

Sutekh shivers as she nods, softly, lifting her loins to pressure against the underside of your cock with the heat of her cunt, her jackalstripe soft, pleasuring, her wings splayed wide out to the sides from behind her back ... She tries to spread her thighs, only to smile, earblushing, finding your legs hemming hers in ... "Yes ... and it shall please the empress greatly to reward you for your troubles afterwards ... " she smiles, "A boon shall I grant you for doing what you wish with me ... "

Outkast smiles and nods. "You are too kind, m'lady." He notice you attempt to spread your leg and shifts, pulling your legs gently apart so his legs can slip between yours, allowing you to move freely. He slips down, his hot cocktip brushing past your lips. He pushes his hips, starting to slide his way into you, his thick shaft spreading you wide. He moves slowly at first, knowing that certain races need a moment to adjust to his size, and it never hurts to be careful. He leans in and licks at your top breast, nibbling lightly on your nipple.

Sutekh gasps as you enter her straight away, though, to your pleasure, and hers, you find her more than prepared as hot, lurid washes of her cuntwalls slowly lave and stroke around the steady bole of your orc-wand ... She murmurs pleasantly, closing her eyes, and presses her hips up slightly, to meet with yours, sinking you another half inch into this winsome bitch ... eager, receptive, panting softly as her paws cling to the bedding ... then slowly come up around your shoulders as you suckle at her tautening nipple .. "Ohh .. ohhyesss ... that's v'very nice ... *pant*"

Outcast is an orc. He's large and muscular and stupid-looking. He stands at 5'9, and his body is covered with leather-like green skin. His face is friendly enough. He has dark brown eyes, a broad flattish nose, pointed ears, a wide mouth with thick yellowed tusks jutting upward from his lower jaw. He has bright orange hair, cut short on the top, but unevenly, making his hair spiky. He is currently naked. His neck is thick, and he wears a blue gem on a silver necklace. His chest is broad, with two dark green nipples, and two large scars, one cross-shaped one on the left and a long scar that slides down across his stomach. His back is thickly muscled, and has a few more smaller scars, and a pattern of small brown spots along his spine. His arms are rippling with muscles, and his fists are hard and bony, ending in sharp claws.

His stomach is pretty toned, but there's a bit of lingering flab, as if he'd been in great shape for a while, but then started to let himself go. His but is still pretty tones too, with more brown sport that just start to end near his tail and vanish before reaching his cheeks. Tail? Yes, he's got a very small triangular tail, as all orcs do, their most hidden shame. Between his legs is a monstrous orc cock, 9 inches long and almost 2 inches thick, and partly covered with orange pubes. Orcs is built, baby. His legs are just as powerful as his legs, even moreso to support his bulky body. His feet are large and thick, his toenails aren't claws, but they're sharp enough to be so. His whole body is a weapon, his skin like soft leather. He watches you and grins.
Button: Danger, Highly Toxic!

Outkast smiles. Well, she's hot and ready for him. He thrusts the rest of the way in and picks up his pace, starting to thrust steadily, moving faster after a moment. He nips your nipple and tugs teasingly. He leans back as you wrap your arms around him, one hand touches your chest and brushes downward, stroking all of your breasts and your six nipples. He brushes clear down your tummy so he can rub your clit gently. "Does it feel good, My goddess?"

Sutekh whines, eyes closing tightly as she parts her lips, her breasts jostled slightly from the force of your thrusts ... so deep, so wondrous, that little palpitations, heralding her nearing climax dance all up and down along your shaft, milking slightly ... She whimpers, feeling all six nipples aroused, their stiffness, their sensitive heat all sending thrills and paroxysms of pleasure through her reactive form ... "Yess ... ohgods, ohhyess ... Orc ... please ... just ... oh ... oh ... Oh .. OHHHNNnnn!!!!" *SPASM!!* She lifts herself up slightly, pulling against your shoulders, cumming deep and warmly against your cock, laving yo
ur testicles with the excess nectar her orgasm brings ... "Ohh ... ohh ... yesss ... *SPASM!* Ohgodsmyeggs?!" she smiles, whimpering, feeling their first release in conjunction with her second orgasm!

Outkast gasps and grunts, your clenching already bringing him close. "Gnng! Gods, you must have been horny as hell in the toolshed if you're already c-cumming." He thrusts harder into those spasming walls, moving slower because of the pressure around his cock, but his orc strength allowing him to thrust still. Awash in pleasure, he doesn't notce a few squirts of precum sliding into your tight inner walls, but he's still concentrating hard enough to keep track of his climax, remembering to pull out before. He hugs you close, his orc lips kissing your neck as you pleassure him so well.

Sutekh trembles softly, nodding, moaning as her ears fold again to the sides, like a lost, forlorn jackal kit as she hugs you tighter, fingers flexing, splaying across your muscular back as you pump into her begging cunt ... her cervix, open only a pinhole, irises as she cums again, closing only reluctantly before the thrusting head of your breeding implement. She whimpers, murmuring, "I ... I'm a'always th'this horny ... I'm b'blessed l'live in constant heat-" She hisses, pressing up against you, tight enough to grip and snug your cockbase, feeling the weight of your balls against her rumpfur as she cums again, lost in bliss ... milking more firmly, more exquisitely than before as peristaltic muscles draw your cock eagerly toward its goal, even as she ovulates a second ... a third time, two eggs lost in her heavenly bliss as you drive into her wet satiny oven ...

Outkast moans heavily, shaking softly as he hugs you. He's almost there, and tries to pull out, having some difficulty. He moans. "M-my Lady...N-need to pull out...or I-I'm gonna cum inside you..." He shakes, gritting his teeth hard to keep from exploding inside you right now. He pulls back again, but your inner muscle have him very well trapped.

Sutekh gasps, your words driving her wild, cumming harder, faster, more frequently, dropping more ova as she shakes her head and licks at your ear, panting ... but yelps, sharply, paws sliding to your sides to release her hold on your back, "Yes, ohgods, please, cum ... cum onto my sex ... pull out ... but c'cum there ... "She whines, knowing you're close, half crazed in wishing you to release inside her, to fuck her repeatedly, leaving no doubt or possibility of escape!

Outkast grunts hard, and releases. He couldn't hold back longer if he tried. His thick cock pulses heavily inside you and the tip of his shaft explodes, sending a hot rush of thick orc cum into your sex, splashing against your winking cervix, his seed seeking entry to your womb and waiting eggs. He cums hard for a long moment and grunts hard, finally pulling out from your wildly spasming muscles and sending a gush of thick cum across your tummy and coating your sex lips. He pants raggedly, leaning back as the last of his spunk splashes your dark body.

Sutekh feels your first jerks as she yelps, arching her neck up as her paws grip the bedding, feeling your balls contract against her thighs and rumpfur ... feeling what very likely is the first, outrageous load of orcum lasering, splashing against her walls as you pull out ... Her eyes flash, trying to make certain you didn't cum in her, and catch the flying spunk landing on her sodden twatfur, her tummy, her lowermost breasts, and moans with exquisite pleasure, cumming again, pressing herself up as you aim at her sex, moaning, "Ohyesss ... ohh coat them, make me ... me feel like I -could- get pregnant!!"

Outkast smiles and nods. His ears twitch and droops, picking up mixed signals. He shrugs, oh well, he was just following orders. All of them, no matter how confusing. He spurts one last time, your sex covered with his semen, the strange scent of orc filling the air. His green body shines, glistening with sweat from his effort. He kisses you. "Yes my goddess. Just give me a minute to catch my breath." He leans back, licking your left top breast and slipping your nipple into his mouth, suckling hungrily. His cock is still mostly hard, orcs having tremendous stamina. Even as he suckles, you feel his cock gro hard again against your thigh.

Sutekh moans, her paws coming up to grasp your head gently, shivering as she draws ragged, anxious breaths while you suckle, lifting, rubbing her thigh against your damp shaft, impressed, eager ... eager to have you take her again even this early after our coupling ... shivering as she murmurs, "Ohh ... ohyess ... so wonderfull ... the feel of you in me *pant* the touch, the feel of your cum landing right a'against my c'clit ... " she trembles, moaning, "I feel so wonderful, so hot ... Oh ... oheyss ... Orc ... " *pant*

Outkast smiles. He leans up and kisses you, using one hand to rub his cock against your completely coated sex lips, using the head to work the cum into your fur. "As you command...but first, will you do me the honor of telling me your name?" For some reason, he hasn't tried to correct you in just calling him orc yet.

Sutekh shivers softly, panting, smiling as she arches her hips slightly sideways, pressing your tip just into her lips, inadvertantly spreading some of your sperm into the mouth of her cunt ... before falling back ... Its far from her cervix, so she feels somewhat safe with the risk ... nodding, murmuring hotly, as she falls back off your cockhead, "I a'am the empress Sutekh ... s'scourge of the ancient world of Pavar, Earth, Proxima, and other places in the past ... *pant* I ... I have since ... tempered some of m'my destructive nature ... " she smiles, licking her lips, not mentioning that the majority of her sex slaves are bred to the aristocracy to create noble, half demon broods to swell her armies ...

Outkast nods. "An extreme pleasure to meet you, M'lady." Once again, no mention of his name. "Well then, from behind this time?" He strokes your hips with his hands and your cunt with his cock.

Sutekh shivers, nodding as she smiles, slowly rolling over to all fours, trying to keep as much contact with you as possible during the process ... Almost gleefully, she murmurs, "Ohyess ... it's stuck all in my fur ... as if you owned me ... " she trembles at this, murmuring, "Haven't lost a d'drop of you yet, my o'orc ... " she smiles, watching your reaction as her panting softens a bit, looking over her shoulder, wings held wide and slightly up to the sides ...

Outkast chuckles darkly and nods. "Owned you? I bet you like that, wouldn't you? Being a brutish orcs little pet, to be used whenever he liked." He smiles, disarmingly, so you can't tell if he's serious or not. But you don't have enough time to figure it out. He places his hand on your hips and pops his head back in, thrusting hard and deep, his cocktip nudging your cervix. Seems he was holding back an inch or so, and he's still not full inside you. He starts to thrusts hard, his big orc balls slapping across your thighs as he starts to move.

Sutekh yelpyips, beaming with pleasure as she lifts her head, feeling her breasts, nipples moist and hard, swinging beneath her as she whimpers, "Oh, ohhgods, oh so ... full, so filling ... " she tenses, her body electric, as if attuned to your teasing now, her ears flattening against her scalp ... massages, palpitating little spasms heralding her rising receptivity again as she smiles, teeth gleaming, tail curling softly along your side, "Ohyesss ... it ... w'wouldn't be so bad ... Not s'so bad to fantasize ... fantasize being in ... in heat for him ... bearing h'his young e'each morning ... " She yelps again, panting, affected, so strongly affected by you as you ram into her, feeling your balls smacking against her thighs, her cervix beginning to open wider as her orgasms begin afresh!

Outkast grunts, smiling broadly. He twitches his ears,. listening to you. There's something about your tone...he decides to pursue it. Leaning in, he hugs around you, careful of your wings. He strokes your breasts from behind, squeezing softly and teasing your nipples. He thrusts harder, bumping your cervix with each movement of his hips, stretching you wide with his trobbing shaft. He whispers again, "You really would like that, wouldn't you? You'd love me to fill you with orc babies every night and give birth to them every morning...filling your tummy with cum and orcs." He strokes your tummy, meaningfully

Sutekh shivers, caught, trapped by your tenderness, your fantasy and hers mingling as she nearly chokes, cumming -hard- around you at your words ... *SPASM!* her tail stiffening as she ovulates, jogging lightly up and down your side as you thrust and couple, her shoulder-blades pressed back, up against your chest as she gasps for air, yelping in pleasure, wings falling almost symbolically to splay her feathers across the bedding as you rut into her, "Ohh ... ohh ... I can't ... I might, I ... " she yelps again, panting faster, lost, confused, knowing she should remind you to pull out again ...

Outkast smiles, knowing it's already too late, having unloaded quite a lot into you. He nibbles your ear and whispers softly. "Whatever happens, I'd be there with you. You and all our little orcs. I know you want to be filled by me...for now, what else matters? Give into your desires. Just say the word, and I;ll give you everything you want." He thrusts harder, his cock pushing against your winking cervix, almost popping through into your womb. His balls slap heavily against you, his cock pounding into you fast and hard, yet gently enough not to harm you.

Sutekh moans, heartfelt, nearly conquered as she milks and moves against you, fit to be your breeding bitch, but willingly, almost worshipfully ... She moans again, your words playing on her judgement, melting it, making her whine with delicious need, need for you as you move restlessly, then harder, deeper into her, driving her wild with desire, spurring her heat to unprecedented levels, susceptible to what she would never have allowed a moment ago as she milks and grips you harder, half expecting you to tie her like a jackal before you cum, shivering, "Ohgods, oh ... orc ... " she doesn't know your name, or even care now, as her desire for you is paramount, "Oh orc, ohgods, please, please, yes, I ... I'll let you this t'time, this time!!" she gasps, uncertain what this means for her, but you've broken through all her defenses, and you can only conquer her more easily from here on out!

Outkast smiles, relieved since he was about to lose control anyway. He leans back and holds your hips. He drives himself deep, the very tip of his head just peeping through your cervix. With a loud grunt, he cums hard again, not as explosively as before, but a large gush of his sticky cum fills your womb completely, coating your eggs with his fertile orcseed. He shakes hard, panting as he fills you. Before he finishes completely, he pulls out again to splatter your thighs and ass with his spunk again, coating your already sticky pussy with a second coat.

Sutekh stiffens, holding still, whining softly and delicately as you systematically impregnate her this time, though she would have been awakened with a startlingly large litter regardless tomorrow morning ... As it is, she thanks you silently, feeling your load unleashing, and, on some subconscious levels, feels her eggs being fixed, conception after conception in her hyperwomb ensuring your legacy ... she milks you, desperately, even as you pull out of her spasming cunt with a slick, luscious sound ... and moans deeper, more elaborately for the painting of her thighs and the pattering of her clit with your mark ... "Ohgods ... oh so much ... I ... ohhhhyesssss ... ohhh t'thankyouuuuu!!!" Half of her simmers wondrously, even believing you -did- manage to pull out in time, despite the unlikelyhood ...

Outkast pants hoarsely. Even orc stamina has it's limits, and you've managed to wear him out pretty good. He lays down atop you, hugging around your chest his his arms can help reduce the weight. He presses his semi-hard shaft between your rump cheeks, just sorta holding it there. He licks and kisses your neck. "How do you feel, M'lady? Delightfully full, I hope." He hand trails down and rubs your tummy