Stories of Khorashital


(These events chronicle some of the first 'scaranth' RP, dating back to late 2000. Some of it is rather raw, and this particular edit cuts out a lot of behind the scenes whispered 'speculation' between the players.)

Chapter 1 - Sutekh confronts Samedi, an Ifrit angry that Sutekh's converted one of his slaves into a broodqueen. Twan assists (Circa 12/2000). (m/f/f, N/C)

Chapter 2 - Addfwyn stumbles into the mix. Things get out of paw and lead to conquest. (Circa 12/2000). (m/m/f/f/f, N/C, transformation)


Sutekh's Breeding


Chapter 1 -  The Beginning. An orc scratches Sutekh's itch shortly after first meeting her at the old Shed behind the Tavern. (Circa April, 2002). (m/f)


Chapter 1 - Sutekh corrupts, and gets bred by, a salamander. (6/05) (m/f, feminization)


Chronicles of Psyche - Daughter of Sutekh

(Note - The Pscyhe of these stories has no knowledge of her relationship with Sutekh, is ostensibly adopted by her rottweiler brother's natural parents, and lives in a relatively contemporary world to ours with many parallels, though still furry. Some place names and historical events are intentionally familiar. These stories are essentially edited roleplay logs, and the original pronouns and grammer, bad or otherwise are left in-tact, while spelling, generally, has been corrected.)

Sedrick's Sister

Psyche and Sedrick - Psyche 'confronts' her brother over the loss of her girlfriend. (4/06) (N/C, m/f, incest)

Chinatown - Psyche leaves her brother and ex-girlfriend, and discovers the secret agenda of the rats of her world.

Chapter 1 - Why its not safe to wander the dark alleys of Chinatown in heat and pissed off. (4/06) (N/C, m/f)

Chapter 2 - Psyche awakens to her fate, meets a 'fellow traveller', talks to Mr. Sing, and gets ready for dinner (4/06) (m/f)

Chapter 3 - Psyche's dinner with a rat clan, history and biology lessons, and pillowtalk with Scar (4/06) (m/f)