Who We Are:

Band of Builders is an confederation of renaissance people and Jack-of-All Trades types, each capable of self sufficiency, but also willing and capable of helping their corp mates in ventures that benefit the whole. We, as a gathering of allies and friends, value quality of personal character over color, gender or creed.

What We Do:

Building. After all, its in our name. We manufacture over 200 different products for military and commercial applications, including a growing range of Tech II products. While a good many of our goods are available on the market, quite a few must be built to order as disparate interests and projects can keep us from our factories for days at a time.

Missions. Acquisition of 'Premium Goods' is one of our collective goals. This keeps our members slightly ahead of the game with access to skills, technology, and implants that might otherwise be extremely costly or hard to find. While we as individuals don't usually give out 'freebies', we tend to be more than fair with our fellow members as far as trades and owing favors. Running missions for the various megacorps across Eve also fosters good relations with neighboring corps and gives us access to R&D agents that use those corps resources to benefit B.o.B. Collectively we have connections with nearly every Empire based corporation that operates its own stations.

Hunting. Though our operations are small time compared to some other corps and we tend to work solo more often than as a group, we do keep track of, and share, locations we find that help us actively fight against the ever present threats of piracy and terrorism. We also network our knowledge as needed to avoid costly losses when popular 'kill zones' shift from one system to another.

Mining. Though the least of our 'favorite' pastimes, it does bring in the isk with very little risk in our favored resource systems. Some high risk mining ops have been attempted with moderate success and minimal losses, but in the face of the rapid changes lately, we've yet to retune our deep space operations to match.


       Contacts: See our Members page for possible connections, or join channel: Spooky Central
       Product Orders: Contact Mrissa Easeah

Data Links:

Diplomacy - Our Friends and Associates, as well as Adversarial Advisory.
Forum Banners - Mrissa Easeah's Banners for Corp Members, Friends and Comissions.
       Spooky Central - Our Favorite Hangout, Floorplans by Mrissa Easeah
       La Maison - (Backup Floorplans) Floorplans by Mrissa Easeah
Members - Our Band of Brothers
Production Capabilities - A general outline of what we can build
BoB Services - Other things we like to accept money for

Forums - Band of Builders Inc. Message Board